90% of people want to take shortcuts, we’re not one of them

We are 100% self-taught, always learning and always humble

Do you know what that means? We’re not afraid of the unknown…… we’re not afraid of breaking down walls. It also means we’re hard workers and if we want something we’ll make it happen……. no matter what it takes. We’ve fought to get where we are and we’ll fight for you too. It also means that we are constantly growing in tactics and stay ahead of the curve in digital marketing. We take all the digital marketing certifications out there constantly read new and interesting tactics to use. We are in a constant testing mode in search of the best performing ads and marketing. There is always room for improvement in our eyes, no coast mode here.

We thrive in difficult situations. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward

Elevated Marketing Solutions
Jennifer Denney
Jennifer DenneyFounder
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Todd Stadler
Todd StadlerDigital Marketing Strategist
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Kati Taylor
Kati TaylorDigital Marketing Strategist / Graphic Artist
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We have worked with many types of companies from local to global and from e-commerce to lead generation.

Jennifer Denney founded Elevated Marketing Solutions in 2017 to help guide small to mid-size business in their digital marketing efforts, including paid media marketing with Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter… (oh heck all of them), SEO, data analysis for conversion optimization and training of all above the mentioned. She left a high position in a big box marketing company and even a couple of small boutique agencies in pursuit of going after what really matters… results. She has been in the industry for over 14 years helping business owners in this ever confusing and changing world of online marketing.

At Elevated Marketing Solutions we’re focused on each individual client and their data. The decisions we make with your digital marketing are going to be different than every other company out there. Where you are at in your digital presence is going to be different so we need to plan differently. The data guides the plan from the hypothesis to the adjustments along the way of any strategy.

So I’m asking why are you putting your trust in corporations who use cookie-cutter tactics and plans? If you are approached by a “package” of digital marketing then they are NOT really interested in you, they are interested in “easy ways to package up marketing” and sell to you, regardless if it works. We will take the time to understand your specific needs and goals, and will help you work toward those goals through a customized digital marketing plan created just for you. We don’t take shortcuts, and we thrive on integrity.

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We understand that every company wants leads, but what steps need to be taken to get there? Our process involves understanding how you’re currently capturing leads, how your clients communicate and buy from you, your specific purchase timeline, triggers that have worked for you in the past, and more. After all, we can’t distinguish what will work for you until we know what doesn’t work for you. Most importantly we will do a deep dive into your data and tell you what story it is telling you or not telling you. After we know all of this we will discuss what digital marketing tactics that will work to get the results. We will measure everything along the way to achieve the results we are after.

If you are a small to mid-size business looking for a reliable digital marketing company who can manage your multiple online marketing channels and give you the results you’ve been looking for, let’s start a conversation.

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