How to create and use audience segmentation in Google Analytics for re-marketing

Google Analytics Referral Data TrainingPicture this, you have been starring at Google Analytics and you see you have this awesome referral source but it’s not quite converting into leads.  There could be many reasons why the referral traffic is not converting. Perhaps the place on your website that they are being led to is not a great starting point. In this case, it could be as simple as you could reach out to the referral source and ask for a new place to link to. The reality of this is you likely have bigger problems of working on the funneling of traffic within any place of your website.  A potential lead/client should be able to land on any page of your website and the website should be laid out in a way to lead them to the next logical step. The bigger reality for most websites is if the referral source, or any source for that matter, is that the likelihood they need your product or service at that time could be slim to none.  This is where building audiences in Google Analytics to remarket too is crucial in combing someone in your funnel.

In the case we are talking about referral data, it’s a good idea to start by auditing who your referral resources are and then build audiences for each one.  Building audiences in Google analytics to later use in Google AdWords is time sensitive meaning the sooner you build it, the sooner you can start to collect data on those users. Be sure that you extend the audiences as far as you can to the max of 540 days. Another benefit of creating these audiences is that Google now can build “similar” audiences to these audiences. Google creates these audiences based on the search behavior of the first audience. This can boost the effectiveness of existing remarketing audiences by extending to those that don’t know you. A couple of notes which adds to the urgency to create these list sooner than later is you need at least 1,000 cookies for Google to create these. Once you have hit these criteria, Google will automatically create these lists.

An amazing amount of data is being collected by all the giants; Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. but knowing how to harvest that data into actionable insights is the trick to successfully reaching the right customers at the right time.  We pride ourselves on thinking deeply about how we can connect the data to creating digital marketing campaigns that are successful!