Digital Campaign Manager

The Digital Campaign Manager is responsible for planning, creating, optimizing, and analyzing search campaigns, display advertising, native advertising, connected TV, streaming radio and podcasts, remarketing, and social ads and integrating them with other campaigns. 

You are fully accountable for campaign performance and reporting with the ability to effectively plan, implement, and communicate recommendations. You must be comfortable in reporting results. You will also be excellent at driving results, being able to coordinate multiple projects on time, anticipating bottlenecks, and balancing business needs versus technical constraints.


  • Strategy and ad execution and decisions on the best ad platform to obtain client goals, ROI, and building of a funnel to obtain ultimate results for conversions. 


While we can list the main duties below, the world of digital marketing is moving quickly. You must be comfortable with having an updating role to the needs of what is needed.  You should be okay and thrive in an environment of every day is different. At Elevated we embrace and want change.  What we have listed below is a current focus but it might not be all that you do.  If you have skills in other areas, you will be an excellent person to join our team.

Of Note:

  • Candidates in the Midwest are strongly encouraged.
  • We are looking for a culture fit as much as a talent fit, do these values jive with you?
  • We are looking for our next team member to start mid May.

Conversion Set-Up

  • Set up tracking of conversions across Google Analytics, Facebook ads, Google ads, connective TV ads, and new and emerging platforms to accurately track results. 


  •  Forming effective paid campaigns 
    • Facebook
    • Google Performance Max Campaigns
    • Google Smart Campaigns
    • Youtube ads
    • Native ads
    • Streaming radio ads
    • Connective TV ads
    • New and emerging platforms
  • Launch and optimize various platforms 
  • Monitor campaign results, analyze key metrics and, optimize click-through and conversion rates and conversions to see increasing patterns. 
  • Proactively make strategic campaign recommendations.
  • Conduct keyword research and selection for pay-per-click campaigns and SEO projects
  • Share keyword selections and audience targeting
  • Monitor budget by understanding what the client budget is by communicating with the client and to stay within client budget, adjust bids to gain better ROI and reach goals
  • Track KPIs to assess performance and pinpoint issues.

Creative Ad Ordering

  • Manage strategy and concept for ads past initial strategy to include;
    • Direction on what service or product is based on client ROI, client feedback, audience targeting and observance of what is working.  
    • Analysis for what type of creative has worked best including the decision of future decisions of these types of ads
    • Image, animation, carousel, video, or a combination of them. 
    • Manage the A/B testing of ads for what performance is the best ensuring that you are always testing to improve metrics. 
    • Landing page analysis of where to land.
    • Creation of UTM’s to be used. 
    • Relaying communication to the creative team of what is working and what is not for
      • Engagement of ads
      • Best CTR
      • Best conversion rate
      • Best audience choice
  • Managing the number of ads that you have for backup.

Project Management

  • Manage all tasks inside of Asana for the following;
    • Checking off tasks on a daily basis to ensure nothing is past due.
    • Communication within the task of status when falling behind the assigned due date.
    • Anticipating and creating needed tasks beyond the initial task to ensure optimal results are achieved see above. 
    • Ensuring the task is checked off and handed off to the next person to keep the process going. 
    • Effectively adding and removing tags in Asana to show the progression of the status of a task.
    • Arrive to all meetings at the scheduled time.  
    • Ensure that clients are fully aware of the status of ad results, anticipated bottlenecks, and balancing business needs versus client needs. Further, ensure that tasks are created and updated when communicating with clients and their needs and the business needs. 

Reporting and Communication

  • Produce weekly, monthly, and on-demand reports.
  • Effectively communicate in reporting and in calls with clients the following
    • What part of the funnel do you feel is broken whether that be;
      • Platform choice
      • Metrics within the individual platform
      • What you are doing to fix it
      • What you have worked on in the last time of reporting and how that results to the results?
      • Develop questions to keep the client involved in the process of importance. 
  • Communicate to the appropriate party the need for better landing pages for quality score and conversion rate


  • Consistently train by using the following tools:
    • Obtain industry-related certifications 
    • Preferred certifications are Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Display ads, Google Shopping, and Facebook ads Certifications.
    • Listen, watch, and read industry information on a regular basis.
    • Interact and ask questions with your peers and supervisor.

Here is what we offer:

Who we are looking for:

  • Adaptable
  • Hard-working
  • Persistence
  • Refusal to Give Up
  • Always Looking For Improvement
  • Resourceful
  • Initiative Taking
  • Authentic
  • Integrity First
  • Respectful
  • Chameleon
Ambition and persistence

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