Digital Marketing is Easy, Right?

We’re currently smiling right now, but we might not be in a couple of minutes. Some would like you to believe that digital marketing is easy. But is it?

This video came about from a radio commercial that we’ve been hearing from one of these larger companies. The commercial essentially puts digital marketing on this conveyor belt of neat little packages that say, “ here’s everything that we’ll do for you.” The implication here is if you pick one of the packages then voila, it’s going to work for your business. For every budget there’s probably some room for a standard package approach, however, digital marketing really doesn’t work like that.

Digital marketing works best when it’s tailored to your business’s unique online journey and marketing.

Let’s face it. We all know that everything is moving online. Online marketing, digital marketing, whatever you’d like to call it, is constantly changing. What we learned yesterday has probably changed today. Tactics fluctuate. Shifts are inevitable with the big guys like what is and what isn’t available on a particular platform. We’re looking at you Google and Facebook. Accurate data needs watching. It’s enough to drive a person insane!

If anybody is telling you that digital marketing is easy and that we just push buttons all day, don’t believe it.

Lots of work and thought goes into creating funnels of purchases online. Funnels need maintenance, things don’t always work like they’re supposed to. Sometimes countless hours are spent troubleshooting and trying to understand. Some days Facebook is being a little finicky. Some days Google is being a little finicky. Sometimes the algorithm is up or down and it’s a lot of data analysis (not that we don’t enjoy it).

Digital marketing working well means you have to look for answers – not always the simple answers.

We love being able to help somebody sell their product. We come from a sales background, so we understand the process of selling someone on purchasing or signing up or whatever the sale is on a product or service. But let’s just be honest.

Digital marketing is not easy, but we love it anyway.

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