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Painting Contractor

Digital Marketing Solutions for Painting Contractors

Analysis and Strategy:

Marketing for painting contractors involves a variety of online marketing strategies such as SEO, Google ads, and Facebook ads.  When we first started to workDigital Marketing Strategy with our client we noticed several holes in their existing marketing.  We started by evaluating their website for its overall ability to convert clients.  All digital marketing starts with a quality website and their website needed a lot of help.

The website had too many band-aide approaches that caused parts of the website to break often.  This created a bad user experience on the website ultimately affecting the trust of the brand.  We also felt the website did not properly convey the brand messaging and what made them different as a painting contractor than their competitors.   A re-design of the website allowed us to have a good footing to build better SEO strategies as well as a better-converting website.

SEONext, we evaluated the different sources of driving traffic to the website.  Although the website had a healthy amount of traffic it was not always converting.  We worked with the client to develop content strategies to help improve the kind of traffic they were driving through SEO efforts.  We also noticed some holes in their local SEO. With almost any service industry the local search results in Google (Google My Business) and Bing are very important to driving traffic.

SEARCH ADSNext, we moved on to their ad strategy. Their Google ads campaigns had a set-and-forget model with little to no management of the Google ads account. TheSOCIAL ADS strategies in place were outdated to get the most money for their ad spend.  We improved their Google ads strategy by rebuilding their Google ads program to efficiently bid.

Next, we identified that there was no top-of-the-funnel marketing being done to capture those who were not quite sure they were looking to get their house painted.  Focusing heavily on those directly looking for a painting contractor can be expensive in terms of cost per click and cost per lead which is why using marketing up the funnel will reduce your overall marketing cost.  We worked to create a paid social ads strategy on Facebook and Instagram that highlighted the top reasons why you would want to get a house painted.  We identified an audience of potential consumers you would likely want to get their house repainted.

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ORG SOCIAL MEDIANext, we saw that there was a lack of consistent communication with their followers on social media. There was little to no post being made despite the larger audience they had cultivated.  Straing in communication with your followers on social media keeps you top of mind for when they actually so need you. We implement fresh creative ideas to showcase before and after images for their completed jobs, blog post, and testimonials. We also introduced short-form videos to their strategy to increase reach to a wider audience.

EMAIL MARKETINGAnother way we were able to increase their communication with their current clients was to implement email marketing. As a painting contractor, you are working with both new clients and existing clients.  By implementing email marketing we were able to keep their company top of mind for when they might need them again as well as increase referral business.

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