Yes. We can absolutely give you a digital marketing quote.

But the reality is we need to understand thoroughly where you are in your digital journey before we talk about pricing.

What Not to Accept When Getting a Quote from Someone

If you come across a place that has a master list or menu as in for Facebook ads we charge this and for Google ads, we charge this, then our suggestion would be to run.

The menu approach to pricing is usually created to scale marketing agencies. That’s just not what we are about here at Elevated Marketing Solutions.

A Customized Digital Marketing Approach

We are about customized approaches for individual businesses based on where they reside in their digital journey. We need to get to know who you are, where you’ve been, what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and at the very, very heart of it, we need to understand the problems you’re experiencing with your online marketing today.

The Digital Marketing Business Profile

In order to best understand where you are in your digital marketing journey, every client prior to working with us gets a business profile. We usually introduce the business profile when we’re having an initial conversation with you. The business profile we create gives a detailed view of you and your company. It’s the first tool we use to provide data-driven solutions for your online marketing.

We are going to go through the questions we tend to ask for the business profile and explain why we ask what we ask.

How to Currently Market Your Business Online?

We start with a rough estimate of how you market your business online right now. When was the last website design or redesign? We’re probably going to run some tools and understand what kind of platform your website is on. Then we’re gonna try to understand the data that you currently have on your site. If you’re not currently running Google Analytics, which we can see, that’s going be the first step. We’ll need to get that data set up so that we can make data-driven decisions.

  • WEBSITE: When was the last website/redesign update? 
  • DATA (GOOGLE ANALYTICS): Do you know if your google analytics has clean data coming in? Are you using the Google URL Builder? 
  • CONTENT: Are you currently doing any writing? Who is doing the writing? 
  • SEO: (Keyword research? Has this ever been done?)
  • SOCIAL (Organic): Do you have someone managing organic social posts?
  • SOCIAL (Paid) what channels are you doing or have tried in the past?
  • EMAIL/NEWSLETTER: Are you currently collecting emails and/or have a list of current clients’ email addresses?
  • PAID SEARCH ADS (Adwords<Bing<Amazon, Quora, etc. ): Is someone running paid ads for you currently? 
  • PAID DISPLAY/REMARKETING: Are you currently running display or remarketing? 
  • PODCAST: Do you do any podcasting?
  • YOUTUBE: Or do you have a Youtube Channel?

We want to understand what your goals are with digital marketing.

What are you trying to accomplish? We ask this question because everyone has different goals and different goals and relay into different strategies.  Everyone wants more business but perhaps it’s a certain kind of business.  What do you see as the biggest problem with your online marketing? This question helps us understand where we have had trouble in the past and how we can make sure we don’t run into those problems again or explain why they happened.

Do You Want to Focus On One Product or Service? If so, what?

The answers to these questions tie in with the next bit of information we need: can you list, in order, your highest to lowest profit margin? Sometimes certain products make you more money, so it’s easier to allocate marketing dollars for that product especially if you make more money from it. This also helps us understand how many different marketing funnels we need to build to bring someone through just knowing who you are to understanding that they need your product or service.

Who are you trying to attract?

At this time we are trying to understand what you know about who your target audience is.  You might know it well by studying your data or you have done market research before.  But you also might not be sure and that’s where we can help. The following questions are intended to be opinion/first-hand knowledge-based.  We will do the research based on the current data you have to corroborate the information.  We will also discover a better profile as your data matures. 

  • Is your client part of a certain age bracket?
  • Is your client a certain gender?
  • Digital Marketing AgencyDoes your client use a certain language used?
  • Would your client have a certain income bracket?
  • Does your client have specific Job titles?
  • Is your client employed at a specific company?
  • What is their seniority? C-suite- entry?
  • What is your client’s education level typically?
  • Are your clients part of a specific group on LinkedIn or Facebook?
  • Are there specific Industries your client tends to be in?
  • Do you have a list of companies you want to target?
  • Do you know the typical company size of your potential client? (Employees or Revenue)
  • Are there any life events that happen that make buying your product or service more likely? 
  • What Facebook pages, Twitter handles might they have liked or followed?
  • Any websites you can think of that your clientele might have visited or hung out on?
  • Are there any websites that are industry-specific? 
  • Are there any particular household compositions? (new parents, grandparents, parents, etc.?)
  • Are there any cultural aspects (White, African American, etc.)
  • Any interest groups? 
    • Automotive,
    • Beauty, 
    • Books and Literature, 
    • Business, Careers, 
    • Education, Events, 
    • Family and Parenting, 
    • Food and Drink, 
    • Gaming, Health, 
    • Hobbies and Interests, 
    • Home and Garden, 
    • Law, 
    • Government and Politics, 
    • Life Stages, 
    • Movies and Television, 
    • Music and Radio, 
    • Personal Finance, 
    • Pets, Science, 
    • Society, 
    • Sports, 
    • Style and Fashion, 
    • Technology and Computing,
    • Travel.
  • Events that your potential client might be interested in
    • Sports
    • Movie releases
    • Recurring trends
    • Olympics
    • Conferences
    • Holidays
    • Entertainment
    • Politics
  • Is there any particular device targeting?
    • operating system version
    • specific device
    • wifi connectivity
    • mobile carrier
    • new devices

Tell us About the Process of Buying Your Product?

Do people typically buy away? How long is your typical sales cycle? Can you describe the stages they go through? These questions help for many different reasons. You need to build funnels starting with people who first become aware of your product all the way down to familiarity with your product (they’re trying to decide whether or not to buy it), and finally retaining people who have already purchased.

This also plays into your content. Do you have content that takes you through all of these different steps? Do you address all of the different reasons why somebody might say, “No?” Understanding the process of buying your product is great information to have for us to market for you.

What Causes Someone to Want or Need Your Product or Service?

What are the common objections to your products? Who are your competitors? We can see who your competitors are by doing a little bit of research, but we want to understand who you think your competitors are. We’re going to look at your competitors and see what they’re doing, see what ads they’re running, and see what keywords they’re ranking for. We can definitely go a step above when we can see who they are.

Next, tell me why you’re better. Why is someone going to choose your product or service over your competitor’s product or service? The why behind your business is always going to play a role.

Every Business Has its Highs and Lows; When Are the High and Low Traffic “Seasons” for Your Business?

We do have tools such as Google Trends to see if there are fluctuations in search volume at certain times of the year. Every business tends to have highs and lows, so we’d like to know what yours are.

Digital Marketing AgencyHow is Your Website Performing for You Now?

Here we ask about conversions.  Conversions are the desired actions that you want someone to take on your websites such as form fills, phone calls, chats, downloads, and much more! If you don’t know this information, and you’re only tracking say traffic to your site, then you’re missing out on valuable information.

If you do know that answer, then you probably know how many leads do you need monthly. This is good information. If you receive 10 leads, how many would you close? The reason for gathering this information is so we can understand your closing ratio on leads and how much volume we need to bring in. This, too, helps what are your costs per lead at this time. That way we know how much we are spending per lead that we’re bringing in. You might not know this information, and that’s fine. We can help you discover it, but if you know it right off the bat, then that’s good.

Who manages your leads for you when they come in? Can you tell us more about that process? Understanding who’s handling your leads, when they’re coming in and what that process is can also tell us the type of leads we need to get for you. Are we following people all the way through, like with an eCommerce to the purchase? Or are we leading this off to a sales representative?

Growth Objectives.

How are sales this year compared to last year? Are we in a rut? How are your sales this year compared to last year? Are we coming in at the bottom, here? We might choose different strategies if we are in immediate need versus long-term growth. Then, you know, understand what are your sales growths over the next 12 months.

How Do You Like to See Your Reporting?

Are you fine with a live dashboard of metrics and a recorded analysis of those reports by video monthly? Describe your reporting needs.

Everybody’s a little bit different.

Some prefer a video record analysis. Some clients want to meet every month to review and some people want to be able to ask questions multiple times a month.

All clients get a dashboard of results sent to them. The dashboard is usually a lot more metrics than what they care to understand, but we like to have the live metric available.

Do You Have Anyone on Your Marketing Team Now for Resources?

The last part of the business profile helps us understand what resources you have available. Maybe you have people on your marketing team right now that help with things. Perhaps you’ve got a graphic artist. Maybe you’ve already got videos available.

Some of this information we can find ourselves. Some information was already provided from previous questions. The rest of it is just about getting access to stuff.

If we can go ahead and get some access just to look at the data, then that can give us a better idea of where you’re at in your digital journey.


So as you can see, we ask a lot of questions. I think you need to be leery of people who are not asking you lots of questions. They might say they can help you at a certain price, but they won’t do their homework. To be successful with your marketing, you have to let go of the one size fits all approach to digital marketing.

Sometimes we’re not a fit, and that’s okay. We know a lot of people in the industry, and that’s perfectly fine with us. We believe everybody needs an individualized plan. We are here to develop that plan for you.

So, back to your question: Can we get you a quote? Yes. We can get you a quote, but we have some questions first.

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