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Our goal is to elevate every client’s overall digital marketing success

Today’s buyer is influenced by many channels before making a buying decision. There are also new digital marketing tactics and methods coming up. Our ideal client is looking for the full picture. Choosing to work with our experts means strategically attacking your online presence from many different angles. We combine the best digital marketing strategies for your unique business.
* Our data-driven process, finds and corrects problems in the existing online presence.
* Our strategies are proven to deliver measurable results.
* Our solutions result in leads and sales.

Our Process

We understand that every company wants leads, but what steps need to be taken to get there?

Step #1 - Audit Existing Marketing Data Collection and Correctly Set Up.

Why is this important? If you skip this step then whoever does your marketing will not be able to tell you accurately what is and what is not working and why.

Your current marketing data tells what is and isn’t working and if current data is set up correctly. We ensure everything can be measured and tested going forward.

Step #2 - Audit of Current Digital Marketing Status.

Why is this important? This goes beyond your data it's everything about your website and where we are driving traffic too. You can drive all the traffic in the world but it won't convert, it doesn't matter.

This thorough review of your website and current marketing efforts reveals if the perspective and intent match the story being told.

Step #3 - Who are you and who are you trying to target?

Why is this important? You have an idea of who your target audience is but your data might show us differently. It's important that we know the demographics, interests, and likes of your target audience so that we can find them online.

Our business profile questionnaire gathers valuable info so we can start building an avatar of your ideal clients, markets, and platforms.

Step #4 - Research Your Market & Omnichannel Platforms.

Why is this important? There are a ton of digital marketing solutions out there and we have years of experience picking the best channels to start with but we need to ensure we rethink this every time to as not miss what just changed yesterday on the internet.

Now, it’s time to research competitors and review targeting options in both organic and paid channels. This is used to build on all of your digital marketing presence.

Step #5 Delivery of Digital Marketing Strategy Presentation.

Why is this important? You know your business more than we do. It's important that we match what you already know about your business with what we know about marketing.

We will present our findings and discuss the best solutions to move your business forward. This includes a clear direction, budget, and timeline.

Step #6 - Perform Ongoing Optimization.

Why is this important? There is no set it and forget it in the internet world. Your data will show us what we need to do next to optimize the results.

Our data analysis is always ongoing on a weekly basis and we deliver it to you in a digestible action plan monthly.  We break down what is working, what is not, and what we will do about it.

We do not believe in selling prebuilt marketing packages. Our team knows that targeted digital marketing solutions that are backed by accurate data will get results. That’s why all of our clients receive ongoing, targeted strategies that are customized to their business’s unique data.

Before you get to any solution …… you need to start with an analysis.

Explore by Solution:

Leveraging AI technologies empowers us to streamline operations, enhance targeting and personalization, improve campaign performance, and provide better customer experiences.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Everything starts with strategy. Your strategy comes from the audience, platform, and techniques planning.  All of our clients start here but this is not a one-and-done.  As we implement and watch the data the strategy adjusts to an ongoing new idea.  Our job is to keep the strategy fresh and moving.

Having accurate data is crucial to your success of online marketing.  We will properly set up all of your data to ensure you are tracking all the key KPIs for your online presence. Developing a marketing hypothesis will later be supported by data-driven decisions.


Marketing messaging is often overlooked, but it is a crucial part of communicating the value of your business. We optimize marketing messaging to increase the optimization of sales and/or leads on your website.

We will find your target marketing audience involving a strategic process of identifying and understanding the specific group of consumers most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Marketing Audience Targeting

We can assist with all graphics needed for any organic social media, ads, and landing page including images, graphics, videos, and more.

Your website is a crucial element to the success of your online marketing.  It houses all content and messaging related to your brand.  Without a great website, traffic doesn’t matter.

Web Development

Oftentimes, there may be some information missing on your website, or new information that is important to your business. We strategize, build, and design SEO-driven landing pages that help with specific goals and campaigns in mind.

Get found on any search engine and place your message clearly when clients need it. We take the crucial step further to ensure it integrates with other marketing channels to capture sales and leads at all stages of the buying cycle.


YouTube Ads can capture your target audience’s attention. We help to make sure your video messages are integrated with other marketing channels.

There are many platforms to be on; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, and more. We help to make sure your marketing message is found with sophisticated integrated marketing with other channels.


We create ads that are cohesive with page content and design – and consistent with different platforms that are relevant. Platforms such as Facebook and Taboola, place ads in front of people who are open to new products. Native Advertising increases awareness and drives online sales.

Google display ads are a logical complement to omnichannel marketing. Display marketing can help fill your funnel. We will make sure your Google display ad spend is built to make the most of your marketing dollars. Along with Google, we have access to 30+ ad networks, allowing us to place your content across the best digital platforms.


Audio ads are up and rising, so we have had our fair share of trial and error. However, we have finally figured it out. We use audio ads as part of our creative to get the point across and to add some variation. Audio ads easily add character to our creative; they grab viewers’ attention.

Connected TV ads can be placed any TV or device that is connected to the internet and access video streaming. We can help lead your business to the big screen.


Through the use of data and tracking, we can target different audiences. We strategically place ads in front of people who have previously interacted with your website or page.

Make sure your message gets out to your existing clients and potential clients with targeted email marketing.  Build your email list by providing valuable content that people want and make sure it gets to their inbox. Email marketing is a valuable tool to stay in contact with people at multiple stages of the buying cycle.


SEO is constantly changing but at the core is the process of improving your online experience for both search engines and your users. We use both technical SEO as well as the customer journey of your website to ensure you win with both search engines and your users.

A strong content plan ensures that you are able to tell your story from many angles. Solving the problem of consumers understanding your product or service as well as taking them down the path to purchase. We optimize the messaging and content on pages, blogs, and more.

content strategy

We create graphics that work for your brand to post on various social media platforms – based on a strategized social media calendar that is unique to your business. We then measure different metrics to help increase engagement and reach of your organic social media.

Incorporating video planning and editing into our agency toolkit can drive higher engagement, increase brand awareness, improve storytelling capabilities, boost conversion rates, expand reach, establish thought leadership, diversify content strategies, and enable data-driven decision-making.

video planning and editing

Podcasting is one of the easiest forms of marketing there is, just talk! We will help you with the technology you need to the content ideas to talk about.

Conversions are crucial to your business, but tracking conversions is just as important. We go through and analyze data from actions taken by your website visitors. With that, we strategize the next steps leading to conversions.

Marketing Budget

A well-structured budget plan empowers us to manage their resources efficiently, control costs, measure ROI, set goals, mitigate risks, enhance client relationships, plan for growth, and make informed financial decisions. It serves as a valuable tool for financial management and strategic planning.

We will strategically evaluate what is working, what is not, and what we are going to do about it.  Every data set has a story to tell and it’s our job to find it.  We will do monthly reporting with a strategic meeting.

Digital Marketing Reporting

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Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

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Pete Cowden, Director of Sales, Draper Fencing Company
Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

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Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

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Mark Williams, President, Elite Pro Painting
Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

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Michael Reynolds, Owner
Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

Jennifer and her entire team are great! Everyone at Elevated is very knowledgeable, thorough, creative, and responsive. The work they’ve done for us has really helped our overall marketing strategy, and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Lisa Raven, Bonfire Training
Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

We have been so pleased with our experience at Elevated Marketing Solutions. We appreciate their custom approach to marketing our business. It has been a delight to work with Jennifer and her team. Everyone we have worked with is professional and responsive to our needs. We would highly recommend Elevated Marketing Solutions!

Heather Scherer, Synergy Spa
Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

“Elevated Marketing is the best digital marketing agency I have ever partnered with. They understand digital marketing better than anyone I have worked with, plus they can explain digital marketing in general terms. Their knowledge of digital marketing combines with their responsiveness to create a dynamic company partnership.”

Tom Barrett, Owner, Small Business
Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

“Jennifer has ran my Facebook ads and Adwords for quite a while at this point. I trust Jennifer and have referred her to close friends. If you need a company that is honest, caring, and very good at analytics, Elevated Marketing Solutions should be your choice.”

Andy Danforth, Owner, Elite Pro Painting
Elevated Marketing Solutions

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