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At Elevated Marketing Solutions,

we believe that digital marketing is a science.

This is the page of any website we really don’t like.  Where you list off the services that you are able to do.  It’s never really enough to explain what you really do. It’s simple blurbs for you to get an idea of what we offer. 

What we really offer at Elevated Marketing Solutions is just that……. solutions to problems in your digital presence online. 

We like to work with clients that are looking for the full picture, looking at attacking their online presence from many different angles.  We believe today’s buyer doesn’t just look at one channel of marketing and decide to buy.  We believe that today’s buyer is influenced by many things.  Sure, if you really want, you can hire us to run just social ads, adwords or such but what we are looking to do is help manage the entire picture for you.  We’d like to be your digital marketing partner. Now we get that not everyone can be the jack of all trades and we aren’t either.  There are certain aspects that we work with local partners to achieve what is needed for you.  We don’t do offline marketing such as printed materials, but we know folks.

What we are after is results not making money off of you, we want to deliver and our clients will say the same.

Depending on your company and your specific needs and goals, you’ll need different combinations of digital marketing solutions and channels to get the best results. Once we determine your goals, we can start with different combinations of channels, analyze the results, and determine which ones will get us closer to those goals.

Let’s start a conversion and begin working toward your goals together.

Elevated Marketing Solutions
Paid Media Marketing Implementation
Learn about what we offer in paid ads marketing
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Data Analysis
  • A complete analysis of google analytics to look for trends in your data to tell the story of your current customer journey
  • Data segmentation creation for audience targeting
  • Assistance in setup of google analytics for advanced users
  • Integration of Google Analytics with advanced platform tools.
  • Google Data Studio implementation
  • Google Tag Manager implementation
  • Training on Google Analytics
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SEO Services

Yes, whatever tactics come out that we need to keep our eye on we can accomplish.  There are new tactics be added constantly and we stay up to date with them. We are agile enough that we accomplish whatever is thrown our way to achieve organic reach.  We have a pretty extensive checklist that keeps evolving but to keep your mind at ease…

  • Technical SEO- Title tags, Meta descriptions, URL structure etc.
  • Site structure and layout combined with internal linking
  • Optimization for user intent-mobile first strategies
  • Content management and strategies ( the biggie!)
  • Local SEO strategies for Google My business
  • YouTube Optimization
Conversion Optimization
  • Implementation of call tracking software
  • Implementation of chat software
  • Implementation of event tracking (button clicks, downloads, play buttons)
  • Implementation of form fills
  • Implementation of e-commerce tracking
  • Implementation, testing and strategy of conversion funnels by product/service line through out your website

Digital Marketing Tools

Google Campaign URL Builder Tagging Tool
Search Engine Traffic Drop Checklist
ROI- Budget for PPC
Facebook Planning Worksheet

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