Meet Alex, Our New Digital Marketing Specialist!

If my closest friends were to describe me in three words, they would describe me as helpful, consistent, and honest.

My Background Before Digital Marketing

I grew up in Huntertown, Indiana. Growing up I wanted to be a soccer player! I played soccer since I was five years old and have competed at the club and school level, and when I was younger I wanted to play professionally. However, I gained a new passion to have a career in the business world. At my undergraduate, Manchester University, I was a student-athlete, playing all four years for the soccer program and I double majored in Finance and Marketing.

I continued my education at the graduate level at Purdue University where I attended their Krannert School of Management. In May 2021, I graduated with my Master’s in Marketing. I was really introduced to Digital Marketing during my 10-month program at Purdue where I completed various projects with local companies in the West Lafayette area. During my time at Purdue, I realized I had a desire to pursue a career in Digital Marketing.

My Interests Aside From Digital Marketing

I enjoy working out and that could include activities such as lifting weights, running, or playing soccer! Even though I am a retired college athlete, I still love to play as I am on a few indoor teams and am the assistant coach of two teams at my former club. I enjoy this a lot as I am playing/coaching with former teammates.

Relaxing to me involves watching sports – mainly soccer and basketball. My two favorite sports teams are Arsenal F.C. and the Indiana Pacers. When they are not on, I like to sit down and watch shows like Shark Tank and Ghost Adventures. Playing video games is also a hobby of mine, I have been playing FIFA since 2013.

Digital Marketing Specialist - Meet Alex!My Experience in Digital Marketing

With my recent projects at my graduate school, my experience in digital marketing has been about 1 year. My favorite type of digital marketing is social media marketing. For one of our clients, I noticed that there were a lot of expanded text ads and not too many responsive search ads. I had audited the keywords associated with each campaign and created new responsive search ads for every ad group. About a week later, when optimizing the account and checking the data, conversions had already increased over 100% compared to the previous week.

The first thing I would say is to realize that there are a lot of different avenues of digital marketing, SEO, running campaigns, content creation, etc. Find what best suits you and do not be afraid to learn the other aspects as well.

Make sure that you complete the task(s) they are asking for with 100% effort, and communicate any ideas/issues/etc., with them throughout the process. Creating that relationship with them could be vital for potential opportunities in the future.

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