Ep #62 – Discovering Your Brand Message

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You may think you know your brand message, but there may be some indicators that you don’t actually know your brand message. This week, the digital marketing team talks about discovering your brand message and ways to do that. Follow along to learn about discovering your brand message.

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Discovering Your Brand Message: A Deep Dive into Crafting a Unique Identity

In the bustling world of business, defining a brand’s identity is crucial. A brand message is not just a tagline or a catchy phrase; it’s the essence of what the brand stands for. It reflects the values, beliefs, and unique propositions that set a business apart in the competitive market. But how does one go about uncovering this vital element of their brand? Let’s delve into the intricacies of discovering and articulating a compelling brand message.

Understanding Brand Message: The Core of Your Brand’s Identity

A brand message is akin to a brand’s identity. It’s the articulation of what the brand believes in, its standpoints, and the benefits its products or services offer. This message is rooted in the fundamental reasons for the brand’s existence. It’s more than just claiming to be the best in the field; it’s about substantiating why and how one is the best, exemplified by the unique qualities and values of the brand.

The Importance of Authenticity

One common pitfall in brand messaging is resorting to generic terms or overused slogans like “the number one choice” without backing it up with substance. Such hollow claims are not only unconvincing but also fail to resonate with the audience. Authenticity in brand messaging involves digging deeper into the brand’s purpose and its unique offerings.

The Process of Discovering Your Brand Message

Question Everything: The Starting Point

The journey to uncovering your brand message begins with introspection and questioning. Consider these questions to start the process:

  1. What is Your Why?
    • Understanding the purpose behind your brand is crucial. Why does your business exist? What motivated you to start it? This reason is often tied closely to what sets your brand apart.
  2. How Are You Different?
    • In a market flooded with similar offerings, pinpointing how your business stands out is key. This could be through unique services, exceptional customer experiences, or a distinctive approach to business.
  3. What Values Do You Uphold?
    • Your brand’s values are its moral compass. They guide not only your business decisions but also help in attracting the right clientele and employees.
  4. What Experience Do You Offer?
    • How customers perceive their interactions with your brand is vital. This perception becomes a part of your brand story.
  5. Who is Your Ideal Customer?
    • Understanding your target audience helps in tailoring your brand message to resonate with them effectively.
  6. What Are Your Strengths?
    • Identifying and highlighting your strengths can set your brand apart. It’s not just about what you offer, but also how and why you offer it.
  7. What Pain Points Do You Solve?
    • Knowing the problems your brand solves for customers can be a powerful component of your message.
  8. What Tone of Voice Resonates with Your Audience?
    • The tone of your communication plays a significant role in how your message is received.
  9. Can You Summarize Your Brand in Five Words?
    • This exercise helps in crystallizing the essence of your brand into a concise and potent message.

Reflecting and Reiterating

After answering these questions, it’s essential to reflect on the answers and see how they align with your current brand message. Are you living up to your why? Do your marketing efforts and customer interactions reflect your values and strengths? This ongoing process of reflection and iteration ensures that your brand message remains relevant and authentic.

The Impact of a Strong Brand Message

A well-crafted brand message does more than just attract customers; it builds a community of loyal followers who resonate with your brand’s values and beliefs. It influences everything from marketing strategies to customer service and even employee engagement. This message becomes the narrative that your brand lives and communicates daily.

Staying True to Your Brand

Remember, a brand message is not static. It evolves as your business grows and the market changes. However, the core values and beliefs that it stands for should remain constant. Staying true to these elements is what will keep your brand message strong and relevant.


Discovering your brand message is a journey of introspection, questioning, and reflection. It’s about understanding the essence of your brand and communicating it effectively to your audience. This message is what makes your brand unique and memorable in a crowded marketplace. So, take the time to delve deep into your brand’s identity and craft a message that truly represents who you are and what you stand for.

About the Author

Jennifer Denney

Jennifer Denney has been in digital marketing since 2006 and has seen a wealth of changing landscape in digital marketing. She has seen the rise and fall of many marketing tactics.  She is deeply rooted in understanding the metrics that showcase the value of certain types of digital marketing. She produces weekly live shows with Lorraine Ball, solocast with Elevated Marketing Chats, and conducts a weekly podcast called Elevated Marketing Dot Podcast.