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Email Marketing Agency

Our email marketing services are crafted specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, focusing on strategies that enhance online presence and email engagement. We start with thorough research into customer demographics and interests to develop an email content strategy that is most relevant and effective for smaller businesses. Our on-page optimization ensures that your email content is not only user-friendly but also deeply resonates with your specific audience. Our team performs comprehensive email campaign audits to identify and address any issues, optimizing your email structure for the best reader experience. The goal is to drive targeted traffic and engage a specific audience, leading to an improved online presence, higher conversion rates, and increased sales, all designed to meet the needs and scale of small to medium-sized businesses.

Email Strategy

Email Marketing StrategyAs an expert email marketing agency, we begin by understanding your brand and audience, using this insight to craft an email strategy that encompasses segmentation, personalization, and optimal timing. Leveraging the latest tools, we continuously refine your campaigns through A/B testing and analytics, ensuring high engagement and conversion rates. Our commitment is to exceed your email marketing goals, providing regular performance reports and driving tangible business growth.

Email Design

Email Marketing DesignAt our agency, we excel in crafting email designs that are not only visually captivating but also deeply resonate with your brand’s unique identity, ensuring consistency and strong brand recognition. Our user-centric approach guarantees responsive and intuitive designs with clear call-to-actions, optimizing user experience and engagement. We leverage proven design principles and data analytics to refine layouts and content placement, aiming for maximum impact and conversion for your campaigns.

Email Copy

Email Marketing CopyWe combine creativity and precision in crafting email marketing copy, tailoring each message to resonate personally while aligning with our client’s brand voice. Our process involves in-depth audience research, ensuring content is both relevant and engaging, with a focus on storytelling to captivate readers. We emphasize clear, concise messaging and persuasive techniques to enhance reader engagement and drive conversions. By continuously testing and refining our approach, we ensure our email campaigns are data-driven and effective in strengthening brand-audience relationships.

Email List Building

Email Marketing List BuildingOur agency enhances email list building by integrating user-friendly sign-up forms and compelling calls to action on clients’ websites, making subscriptions seamless for visitors. We incentivize sign-ups by offering exclusive content or discounts, directly appealing to user interests. Additionally, we utilize social media and strategic partnerships to broaden our reach, inviting a diverse audience to join our email lists. This targeted approach focuses on acquiring engaged subscribers, leading to higher open rates and fostering a community of brand advocates.

Email Segmentation

Email Marketing SegmentationWe specialize in segmenting your email list based on customer behaviors, preferences, or demographics, enabling targeted and relevant email campaigns. This tailored approach ensures each message resonates with specific audience segments, enhancing engagement and effectiveness.

Deliverability Optimization

Email Marketing DeliverabilityOur agency focuses on optimizing your email-sending practices and addressing key technical aspects such as sender reputation and email authentication. This meticulous approach guarantees that your emails consistently reach the recipient’s inbox, avoiding the spam folder. By fine-tuning these critical elements, we ensure reliable and effective delivery of your email campaigns, enhancing overall engagement and success.

A/B Testing

Email Marketing A/B testingWe conduct A/B testing on various elements of your emails, including subject lines, call-to-actions, and images. This process is aimed at identifying what most effectively resonates with your audience, thereby enhancing engagement. By systematically testing and analyzing these components, we help refine your email strategy for maximum impact and improved audience response.

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Our Tech Tools

We use combinations of the best marketing tools available to guide clients toward data-driven solutions.  Our tech is constantly growing.

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Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

“I am the Director of Sales for a fencing company. We have been working with Elevated Marketing Solutions for 2 months now. I can not say enough good things about Jennifer and her team. They do an amazing job. I have worked with a few marketing companies in the past. Elevated Marketing has been a refreshing and needed change from them. They know their business, communicate effectively and have a high standard of ethics. If you are in need of a marketing company reach out now!”

Pete Cowden, Director of Sales, Draper Fencing Company
Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

“Elevated Marketing has been a great partner for us. We switched from another ‘national’ vendor and the level of service, expertise and execution with Elevated are unmatched. We couldn’t have found a better marketing team!”

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Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

“We at the Indianapolis Art Center have worked with Elevated Marketing Solutions for years and for several reasons, the main one being that they excel at their work. We rely on their expertise to guide our entire digital strategy and they function as an extension of our in-house marketing team. Their entire team’s depth of knowledge, creativity, and passion for being the best at what they do make them a valuable partner, and a clear choice for anyone looking to improve their digital footprint, strategy, or spend.”

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Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

“Jennifer and the team at Elevated Marketing Solutions are the real deal. They have been a tremendous help to my business by providing expert SEO consulting. I really appreciate how knowledgeable they as well as their integrity and down to earth communication. Hire this team! They know what they are doing.”

Michael Reynolds, Owner
Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

Jennifer and her entire team are great! Everyone at Elevated is very knowledgeable, thorough, creative, and responsive. The work they’ve done for us has really helped our overall marketing strategy, and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Lisa Raven, Bonfire Training
Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

We have been so pleased with our experience at Elevated Marketing Solutions. We appreciate their custom approach to marketing our business. It has been a delight to work with Jennifer and her team. Everyone we have worked with is professional and responsive to our needs. We would highly recommend Elevated Marketing Solutions!

Heather Scherer, Synergy Spa
Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

“Elevated Marketing is the best digital marketing agency I have ever partnered with. They understand digital marketing better than anyone I have worked with, plus they can explain digital marketing in general terms. Their knowledge of digital marketing combines with their responsiveness to create a dynamic company partnership.”

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Elevated Marketing Solutions 5-Star Review

“Jennifer has ran my Facebook ads and Adwords for quite a while at this point. I trust Jennifer and have referred her to close friends. If you need a company that is honest, caring, and very good at analytics, Elevated Marketing Solutions should be your choice.”

Andy Danforth, Owner, Elite Pro Painting

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