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What others have to say about this and other courses:

Jennifer Denney did a fantastic job of teaching Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced. She was able to tie together the complicated concepts of Google Analytics in a way that made sense. Her real-life examples provided context for all of the different insights that can be gleaned from Analytics once everything is set-up and maintained correctly.

I strongly recommend taking one of Jennifer’s classes on Google Analytics or on other Google products or on Digital marketing. Although you can find information, videos and help online, nothing replaces the real-time exchange of a live classroom to really understand the intricacies and interrelated nature of Google. Google Analytics provides a ton of data but it’s not the data rather it is boiling the data down to information and then turning that information into actionable insight. This is where Jennifer excels; others might get you to the big picture but she can get to the real point of utilizing Google Analytics in the first place.

Doug Kramer, Marketing Manager, Brighthouse
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Overview and Prep for Google Adwords Training

This will be a hands-on experience. You are expected to bring your laptop and AdWords account as you will work directly within your account. As topics are introduced, we will allow time for attendees to implement what they have learned. Each marketer will bring their unique clients; we will discuss both one on one and as a group how to handle different situations.

Due to the personalization of content in this training, class size is limited to 20 participants.

Expect to learn these concepts and more in our Google Adwords training course:

  • How to do keyword research including how to look at what your competitors are doing
  • Setting up realistic expectations with Adwords and budgets
  • How to set up your Google Adwords account for the best results
  • How to track and measure overall results
  • What to consider when setting up your account
  • How to write ads and how to A/B test your ads
  • How to track and improve your quality score
  • How and what to monitor on your account

If time allows we will also cover:

  • Advanced techniques such as setting up:
  • RLSA
  • How to set up customizers for ads

Listen to Jennifer, your instructor talk about some of the topics we cover:

Google Analytics
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Types of Google Adwords Training Formats Offered:

One on One or Marketing Team- Onsite Google Training/Screen Sharing

Onsite training is designed for training entire marketing teams with their specific marketing challenges in mind.  This training can be done in a one day format or over the course of several weeks/months.  In this type of training, we take a more personalized approach to your company and your needs with your Google Analytics. We will train from top to bottom as well as assist in set up.

Clients served:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with what you learn from this class, then you can have your money back no questions asked.

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