Google Partner Event Recap: Grow Retail Business

This month’s Google Partner event focussed on how to grow a retail business. It’s not too early to prepare for the December buying season!

Since Elevated Marketing Solutions is a Google Partner, we get to partner with Google and share exclusive content with our clients. The live streamed event was held at the beautiful offices at SpinWeb. Here are a few take aways from the event:

Customer Behavior Has Changed

Retailers both large and small recognize the importance of providing an online experience for their customers. However, the reason why retailers need to have a robust strategy for selling online is that customers have changed the way they behave. The buying process starts way in advance of an actual purchase and retailers need to be prepared to accommodate customers’ expectations.

The phrase “just Google it” is so common and so true. People are more curious now than ever before because they have access to more information than ever before. For retailers, customer curiosity means customer connections. People are searching online for everything from relevant information to the profoundly mundane. According to Google:

  • 15% of searches happening on Google are new – that is, they’ve never been searched before

  • 45% of searches are prompted by something seen online

  • 85% of mobile searches for where to shop/buy have grown by 85% in two years

With the influx of information, customers have become more demanding. People expect personalization and accuracy when it comes to online interactions with retailers. There is an increase in searches for personal products and services – best moisturizer, right car insurance, etc.

For example, shoppers often expect to get offers/deals based on their past purchase behavior. Another example is the online search experience itself. When searching, people no longer need to use terms like “restaurants near me”  to, say, find a restaurant near their current location. The Google platform already accommodates this search without the “near me” qualifier. The effect is a personalized, curated and accurate experience.

Because Google provides personalization on their platform, as when people search, that personalization should be carried over into the experience people have with a retailer – not just online but in the retail store. It’s expected.

Lastly, consumers are more impatient. Consumers expect better and faster service. Consider this:

With services like same day shipping or buy online/pick up in store, retailers have an opportunity to meet the demands of consumers who have come to expect speed online and in real life. Providing consumers with a variety of options can create an advantage. This includes letting consumers know if products are in stock.

While online digital purchases are expanding, meaning people may someday exclusively make purchases online, today this is not the case. According to Google, we’re somewhere in between. In-store purchases are influenced by digital.

On Holiday Season Preparation

When prepping for this holiday season, retails should understand that people begin to research products sooner and, increasingly, to use mobile to do it. Here’s how to make sure consumers have the best experience:

  • Be There: consumers should be able to research and find retailers online.
  • Be Valuable: Provide personal and relevant information. Stand out with promotions and sales.
  • Be Quick: generate a seamless shopping experience, especially on mobile.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive strategy and implementation for your retail business, contact a Google Partner company like ours. To be a Google Partner a company must

  • Follow best practices with advanced Adwords knowledge and certification
  • Possess extensive experience in managing substantial Adwords investments
  • Deliver solid revenue and growth with a proven record of maintaining and growing a customer base
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