How and Why to Take a Video From YouTube and Upload to Facebook

First, let’s consider these YouTube and Facebook.

YouTube is excellent for getting videos in front of your audience by potentially showing “Up next,” and by popping up in regular Google search results. Also, if people are familiar with your brand, and you are putting out quality videos, you can build an audience who will always look forward to your next.

Facebook grants you the ability to build and reach an audience as well. Because of quality content, people will follow and like your page, enabling you to upload and show them your videos as well. On mobile devices, once a video on Facebook finishes, another video plays automatically. So, when you add your videos to Facebook, you are creating opportunities for your video to be seen organically not just from your original post, but also by being that next video Facebook chooses to show.

Once you post a video to your Facebook page and get those natural likes, comments, and shares, you can also turn that post into an ad showing it to a cold audience. Follow up by re-marketing to people who watch a certain percentage of that video. Those who watch 25, 50, 75 or 100% of your video become a prime audience to show the next piece of content that will turn them into buyers. To take advantage of this ability, you will want to upload the video directly to Facebook instead of merely linking to the video on YouTube. If you have access to the original video file, this part is easy, but if you don’t, it’s still possible.

This will create an organic post with the video. Be sure to title your video and just like any other post, tag relative products, tag any specific people you want to reach, and add any additional tags (treat like hashtags) to increase organic exposure. You may also want to change the video’s thumbnail photo if the default isn’t something that will attract interest. You can have custom thumbnails to use for your videos; otherwise, if you select the thumbnail on the right side of the window, Facebook will auto-generate thumbnails from the video you can use.


Use the subtitles & captions which can also be found on the right of this window. Many of your potential audience will be viewing this on their mobile device and may not want to do so with sound. Under Subtitles and Captions, select the language and let Facebook auto-generate the captions. Once they auto-generate, you can click on edit (the pencil icon) and listen to the video with the captions to make sure they are accurate and edit them if not. You can then schedule when your post will publish or allow it to publish immediately.

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