How to Create Warm Audiences to Target Inside of the Facebook Platform

Warm audiences inside of Facebook ads can be your most lucrative audience to target.  These potential clients already know who you are and are at different stages of discovering how you can help them solve their problems with your solutions.  here are three main types of audiences and everything in between in the funnel of marketing.  Potential customers go from being people who don’t know you at all (Cold Audiences) to people who know about you (Warm Audiences) and, eventually, to people who know you well (Customers).

Let’s discover all the types of warm audiences that can be created and used on the Facebook ads platform including; Facebook, Instagram, and audience network ads. to help convert people into customers. While with today’s post we will talk about how to create warm audiences inside of the Facebook platform.  Your warm audiences extend well beyond just Facebook ads and remarketing strategies should be explored on a larger scale.

The most successful Facebook ad agencies use Facebook ads to create funnels to lead customers down the path of purchase or to becoming a client.  It is a myth to think that someone just sees your ads and instantly buys.  It’s possible if you sell widgets in the retail space but for most businesses, there is a process that each potential client goes through to think about becoming a client. Creating warm audiences allows you to target those who have interacted with previous ads, or, perhaps, found you through a google search with an additional ad. These potential clients are at the bottom of your marketing funnel. Sending different Facebook creatives with different marketing messages helps convince someone that they are ready to purchase with you.  This is why often Marketing and Sales are seen as working together and not separately.  These previous experiences with your brand could happen in a variety of ways such as interacting with your Facebook or Instagram page or visiting your website.

Once you have set up warm audiences on Facebook you can quickly see how large of a warm audience you might have – an audience that just might need that one Facebook ad to push them to the next step!  Note: If your audience is small then you will have to push more ads toward your cold audience targets.

Let’s walk through all the different types of audiences you can create inside of Facebook ads to remarket too.

Facebook Remarketing Audience: Customer File

With Customer File, you can import your own file from one of your email marketing platforms i.e. you can target people that are already on your email list by uploading themFacebook Remarketing inside of Facebook. If you use MailChimp, there’s already an integration for it here.

Note: One thing to think about when uploading your business emails, it’s plausible that you have business email addresses, but on Facebook, your customers may use personal email addresses. As a result,  Facebook might not be able to match up the addresses.

Facebook Remarketing Audience: Website Traffic

For Website Traffic to work you must have the Facebook Pixel installed on your site. The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that goes on your site and collects information about people who visit your site. The Facebook Pixel collects overall information that’s not necessarily people who have come from a Facebook ad; it collects info from all your website traffic.

You can create several different audiences based on your overall website visitors. For example, You could create an audience composed of visitors to your site in the last 180 days or visitors to your site in the last 30 days. Think about the person who has been to your site in the last 180 days versus the person who’s been to your site in the last 30 days. How would you treat these audiences differently? You’d probably need to create two separate audiences.

Another audience you could create here would be based on the different parts of your site representing different products or services. Based on the URL structure of your site,  you could build an audience of people who have been to perhaps one product or service line and then build another audience in the other one. You could market to both audiences to make sure that they see both a product and service line.

You could also build audiences based on certain interactions with your website such as clicking on a certain button.  Perhaps you have buttons to watch videos or click to contact you.  Those audiences can be valuable to build as they are more engaged that all website visitors.

Facebook Remarketing  Audience: Engagement

The engagement has all kinds of fun options.

  • Video
    • If you have uploaded any kind of video to your Facebook page, you can create audiences based on how long they have watched that video. Think about the people who have watched at least 50% of your video. Those are a pretty engaged audience and they’re ready to take the next step. What’s the next piece of content that you could send them? This includes if you’ve done any kind of Facebook Live videos as well, or if you’ve just uploaded a video into your files inside of Facebook and not necessarily made a post. What can be really fun is creating audiences that are specific to the content of the videos.  Perhaps in one set of videos, you discuss one service and in another set of videos, you discuss another service.  These have become excellent remarketing audiences in the wave of less tracking with your pixel.  Facebook still controls this information since it lives within the app.
  • Forms
    • So if you run any kind of ad before with Facebook, a lead generation ad, there are forms that are automatically there when someone clicks on an ad. You can build lists of people who open the form versus people who opened it but didn’t submit, it versus people who open and submitted the form. How would you treat each one of those differently?
  • Canvas Ads
    • Canvas ads are sometimes called full-screen ads. Essentially these are ads that when clicked, stay right within Facebook. These ads load very quickly, but you lose the ability to pick up any pixel data. However,  you can create audiences of people who opened a canvas ad, people who clicked on any links within the canvas, and you can market to those people differently.
  • Facebook Page
    • You can do all kinds of things here. Anyone that has visited your page before, so maybe they haven’t liked their page, you can market to those visitors. You can market to people who have engaged with any post or ad, people who have clicked a called action button (so not only did they interact with a post or ad but they actually did the desired action on the ad), and people who have sent you a message on your page and people who have saved your page or any post within it. You can build audiences for each one of those.
  • Instagram Page
    • Same thing. All the things that are available on Facebook are also available on Instagram.
  • Events
    • So you can build audiences inside Facebook ads of people who have said that they are interested in or going to an event that you have set up on your Facebook page. Think about setting up events for possibly promotions or for opening up a new business, for training. Think about all the different ways that you could set up an event and you could start to build yourself an audience to market to those people as well.

Facebook Remarketing Audience: Offline Events

So you can upload a CSV file. Think about events that you have, so any kind of boost that you’ve had and you’ve collected information there, you can go ahead and put that information in a CSV file and upload that directly into Facebook. Again think about business emails versus personal emails and whether or not that’s going to match up with your Facebook audience.

Custom Audience: Events and Conversions

Inside your pixel, we can create a custom audience of people who have done some of the desired actions or conversions that we have already set up. In another video, we discuss how to set up events inside of your website for the pixel. But let’s say that somebody has watched your videos before, we could build audiences for those specific people. We could also build audiences for people who have downloaded a PDF. We could also build audiences for people who have filled out a form on your site. We could build an audience for just about anything that you can interact with on your site, we can build that.

Facebook Remarketing Audience: App Activity

App Activity. So if you currently have an app, you can market all different ways of how people interact with your app. Now, this does require that you have an SDK code already inside of your app, but this is a great way to interact with people that have already interacted with your app. You can go all the way to download your app to actual specific actions taken in your app.


There are a variety of ways to identify and create warm audiences remarketing audiences on Facebook. Facebook provides detailed information about how a warm audience has interacted with you in the past. By identifying the behaviors of your warm audience,  you can create relevant Facebook ads that move people through your sales funnel.

With all marketing making, data-driven decisions will get you the best results.  There are certain metrics to watch in your Facebook ads, so your remarketing audiences should be your most profitable.  There are also common Facebook ad mistakes that you could be making.  There might be reasons why it is not performing. When running Facebook ads it’s important that your Facebook ad agency is running remarketing audiences as well as many other items. If you are not happy, check us out!

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