How To Get Instant Results With Digital Marketing

You have seen the ads, social media posts, and videos on instant results with digital marketing. They often have guarantees attached and low-cost buy in’s to get you to sign up. Sometimes they are just courses with certain aspects of digital marketing. But, let’s be clear, there is no magic button that says “if you just do this you will have instant results in digital marketing.”

Anyone that is selling you this magic formula is using marketing tactics to make it seem simple. We all would like digital marketing to be simple, but it’s just not. The world has changed over the last decade or so with online marketing becoming very scattered and we as consumers, are all over the place. 

As both digital marketers and consumers alike, it’s so easy to fall into this trap because it’s an easy “button.” But any good business owner, manager, or marketer knows that hard work and many factors go into whether you are successful or not with digital marketing results.  So rather than blow smoke, let’s talk about the items you’ll need in order to get digital marketing results quicker.

What will get you digital marketing results quicker?

A good website is the starting point for digital marketing.

Well, that just seems like a no-brainer that a good website will get your results with digital marketing quicker. So tell us something we don’t know, right? This is where the varying factors of what a good website is come into play.  

What you may see as a viable option with a website could be very different that what your target audience sees.  The only true way to know if you have a good website is to let the data tell you if you do.   

We will get to it in a moment but for now, there are basic things you can do with a website visually to ensure it’s ready to convert.  If you have no website traffic, then you need to drive some traffic to see if what you have could convert. Do not spend countless hours overthinking it. Also, do not sit in your own bubble about what will and what will not work. Drive some targeted traffic from your ideal audience to it with ads and see what happens. 

Some good ole tools for looking at conversion rate optimization will help you improve what you already have. But before we get there to talk about the data, can you believe we are holding off on that subject? 

Let’s talk about a few other items. 

Can you just start with an isolated landing page? Maybe we have talked about that on a podcast, have a listen and decide if that will work for you.

Listen to "EP #76 - Are Single Page Landing Pages Still Good?" on Spreaker.

Your industry or product matters in putting digital marketing results quickly

This gets overlooked a lot, what is your sales process or marketing funnel to purchase? Everyone has one whether you acknowledge it or not. Some industries and/or products lead to faster purchases and therefore, results are naturally quicker. Sometimes the buying stages are subconscious and not understood right away. You have to put yourself into the mind of your buyer and understand what makes them want to buy. In the simplest form, ask them! 

Even products as simple as soft drinks have a buying cycle of being convinced to try another flavor. After all, once you know a drink you like, it’s sometimes hard to switch to another brand or flavor. Marketing supports being able to change that.  

Is marketing really sales? We have talked about this before and yes, it can be in some ways.

A good product or service


You can’t put lipstick on a pig? Such a harsh statement when it comes to someone’s hopes and dreams of building a business.  But sometimes, you have a failed product or service that needs to be fixed first. Do we think some creative marketing tactics and messaging could help spark a bad product or service, yes we do. However, if in the end, someone is going to be dissatisfied with your product or service, you need to listen and adjust. 

If you are discovering this problem with your digital marketing, then you are way advanced in marketing and it’s not too late. You need to work with someone who can objectively look at your business and tell you why it’s not working.

A strong digital marketing analysis

We are starting to get to the data part! Although we have discussed before what a digital marketing analysis is on another page, let’s review it. What a digital marketing analysis is not, is what marketing tactics or solutions you are currently using. What a digital marketing analysis does is lead you to the correct digital marketing strategy to solve the current problems that you have. While it’s not a complete list of digital marketing problems you could be having, we have made a list on our digital marketing case studies page of digital marketing problems.

So, a digital marketing analysis audits what you have to create a digital marketing strategy backed by digital marketing tactics that will actually work. A strategy is ongoing and should be revised often as data comes in and tells you what is and isn’t working.

A solid digital marketing strategy

We feel like we have covered this above on what a digital marketing strategy is but let’s cover what it is not.  It is not a prebuilt package of digital marketing tactics sold to you before anyone gets under the hood of your marketing. It should not be sold to you in the sales process of what is going to work or not work. There might be a good idea of what will work in one industry or not but it cannot be complete without analyzing where you are at in your digital marketing journey. Only a proper digital marketing analysis and data audit will tell you that. After all, we like to say . . .

Every data point in your digital marketing has a story to tell. 

Your digital marketing strategy is what digital marketing tactics you are going to deploy and when. There is an order depending on where you are at.

A well-rounded source of website traffic

Do not put all your eggs in the same bucket with online marketing.  Why? Because it’s constantly evolving and what you do own is your website. Your website should be the centerpiece of drawing attention to your business.

If you have everything wrapped up let’s say in a social media presence and that social media channel goes down, what are you left with? Nothing.

Another way to look at this is that different digital marketing tactics serve different parts of the digital marketing funnel. If you have nothing but Google ads at the

Marketing Attribution

bottom of the funnel (where it is usually located), this says that they are ready to buy, that is an expensive place to play.  Even Google has recognized that when releasing wildly popular products such as Google performance max.

Now there are certain digital marketing tactics based on your analysis that will get your results quicker though.  With that in mind, more time and energy should be placed there first.

But remember . . . it’s not the last beer that got you drunk, it’s all the beers, and marketing works the same way.

Your digital marketing data is in place

It seems like it’s been so long before we even got to the digital marketing data! There is so much we have talked and written about on this subject. Most people understand that what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get improved. There are many data points that need to be set up and while sometimes it may be complicated to set up, it has to be done. Your marketing is going through a funnel, whether in a digital marketing platform or overall.  

We like to say it’s important to know where in the funnel the marketing is broken so that we can fix it. You will not get it 100% right out of the gate.  While an experienced marketer will be able to quickly recognize where the problem is and what the digital marketing solution is.  

But if they are diagnosing the problem as the sales process without looking at the data, then they are just trying to sell you something.

A decent ad budget for digital marketing

Can you get away with success in digital marketing without ads and a decent budget? The answer is there are many ways to drive traffic to a website, some take longer than others. If your digital marketing analysis has discovered that have a lot of traffic and it is not converting. Then your problem is in your conversion rate optimization. 

However, you are still going to need some remarketing and that is a combination of ads and email marketing

So back to needing a good ad budget.  We have also talked about how to come up with a digital marketing ad budget. You guessed right what we were going to say first, it started with a strategy for your ads. 

You can make an impact with a small budget but you need to adjust your expectations to match your results if you have a small budget.

The prices for ads are set by the digital marketing channels that run them.  

A good advertising agency will be able to get the most bang for your buck. You might even get lucky and find someone that knows what they are doing but has lower prices, who does not try to gouge you, and actually understands ROI, but finding someone like that is a rare gem. 

The point is that you have to somewhat have money to get traffic to the website.

A good digital marketing offer

We slightly eluded to this topic above but didn’t fully develop the thought.  Once you are past everything above, there are “hot buttons” or reasons to sign up or buy. Depending on your sales cycle the offer could be just to get someone to your email marketing or it could be just to purchase. You can get someone all the way to the very end and have an item in their cart but there is still a drop off.  

Did you know that cart abonnement averages are about 70%? What? That was a lot of work to get someone to put something in their cart and they just leave.

This is why you have to have a good offer and it can’t be a “free trial”, “free estimate” or what everyone else is offering. This is going to have to take some good storytelling and messing with someone at that inflection point to purchase.

Persistence in digital marketing results

We don’t care what you are doing in life or in digital marketing.  It’s going to take some persistence in getting to the end of your marketing funnel over and over. 

Can you get digital marketing results quickly, the answer is YES!

If you have a lot of the above already done and perhaps you just need some minor tweaks that someone else hasn’t thought about. Working with an expert in digital marketing will be able to identify where you are in your own funnel to digital marketing success! They will not take shortcuts and they will do what it takes to get you the digital marketing success you are looking for as quickly as possible!

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