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Why content marketing isn’t going away with AI: a human touch in an automated world

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in content marketing is a marketing topic for debate. With the rapid rise of AI, many are questioning whether human-led content marketing is on the verge of extinction. 

Let me tell you the story of how we started at Elevated Marketing Solutions with writing, we started without being able to write at all.  We were afraid of content marketing.  But we knew how to be vocal so we talked and talked and talked and turned that audio into content.  The original writing was meh, okay and it got the job done but it wasn’t the best.  Now, we feel fairly confident in writing.  We all evolve, and AI and content marketing are evolving.

Are we perfect at writing yet, nah, it can all be subjective with writing. This is where machines and AI fall short with content marketing, they can’t tell the story with emotion yet.

In a nutshell, content marketing will not be taken over by AI.

Let’s dive into why.

Understanding the Rise of AI

There’s no denying that AI has made significant strides in recent years. From chatbots to algorithms, AI is transforming how businesses operate and engage with their audiences. In the realm of content marketing, AI can generate basic articles, schedule posts, and analyze consumer behavior to create targeted marketing strategies.

The reason it is basic content is all in how it is created.  Currently, at the moment, content is being generated by Natural Language Processing (NLP).  the simplest way to explain this is by mathematical formula it can guess what the next logical word will be by pulling from a set of content given to it.  AI is rephrasing what has already been said.  That right there, is why it won’t take over, yet.  It cannot be different and innovative.  

Despite these advancements, AI is still a tool that supplements human efforts—it doesn’t replace them. The fear that AI will bury content marketing is born from misunderstanding AI’s capabilities and limitations.

The Indispensable Human Touch

AI excels in automating repetitive tasks and analyzing large volumes of data, but it lacks the human touch that is central to content marketing. Emotional intelligence, creativity, and a deep understanding of human nuances are currently beyond the reach of AI. 

Here’s why these human qualities matter:

human emotion in content marketing

Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Content marketing thrives on emotion. It’s about creating stories that resonate with your audience, elicit emotion, and ultimately, encourage action. AI, while extremely logical, lacks emotional intelligence. 

It can mimic human interaction but cannot truly understand or empathize with human feelings. This lack of empathy limits AI’s ability to engage with audiences on a deeper, emotional level. 

We know sometimes with some brands the content is straightforward, but there are ways to make it creative in your own brand’s voice.  There is a voice that your brand tends to take and that’s how you are able to be different.  If you do not have a voice then perhaps it’s time to start one.  

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is at the heart of content marketing. It’s about producing original, engaging content that stands out in an ocean of information. While AI can generate content based on predefined algorithms, it lacks the ability to truly innovate. It can’t brainstorm new ideas, question norms, or draw on diverse life experiences to create content that is truly unique and captivating.

It’s going to get the conversation started, but just like with anything in life and marketing being different takes you to the new step.  Do you remember a time you saw some piece of marketing, and it gave you an emotional charge? That is what marketing should do, elicit a response for you to take action.  If the writing of the company sounds like a machine wrote it, you are not going to be interested in it and therefore not take action. 

human intelligence in content marketing
human nuances in content marketing

Understanding Human Nuances

Humans are complex beings with unique cultural, social, and personal contexts. We communicate not just through words, but through tones, expressions, and contexts. AI, while improving, still struggles to fully grasp these human nuances. This can lead to misinterpretations, cultural faux pas, and ultimately, a disconnect with the audience.

Should AI do all of your writing?

Of course not, we are explaining above why not.  AI will get the creative mind going and allow you to build on top of what is written.  It can make the research phase faster but what it can’t do is described above.  

The world of content marketing has increasingly gotten tougher.  There is a lot of content out there and in order to stand out you will need to well, be different.  Since machines cannot think on their own, that is your edge. 

Artificial intelligence and SEO.

Entire search engines like Google and bing work off of artificial intelligence…..

First, Google has said that they will allow AI-written content. Bing, we haven’t heard of them saying you shouldn’t, and again they build their search engines off of AI.  They have to because they themselves do AI content.  If you are worried about whether they can detect if it’s AI then you are only racing against machines and code.  

Can one machine dect another machine, maybe but will just keep going back and forth with advancements. How you stay apart is why what we have just said upYour brands story and AI here.  You need to add emotion, tell the story and add personal experience to it. 

Since Google really has the stronghold in search engines, currently as of this writing google still holds 93.3 % of the search traffic.

Google created its content guidelines with an acronym called EEAT. Which stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. When they pull back search engine results or what SEO is, they are looking to see who has these factors. There are humans checking content.  Do they get it right, no not always. 

Although it’s not given 100% how to achieve EEAT.  If you start to break them down into simple forms you start to see how AI, could not take over content marketing completely. 

How will AI be able to tell specific experiences that your company has, it can’t. The expertise, part is possible. But even right now, AI gets facts wrong and only an expert would recognize that. Authoritative, well we guess that is a combination of factors of an online presence.  How does AI have any online presence other than in words?  Trustworthiness plays into this too, since AI is a machine and is not an individual or business it does not have factors such as reviews and opinions online.

For now, as we keep saying above, let it help you get going but the human needs to finish it off.  Just like with any other SEO writing, the person who makes it better will win.

Will search engines be abandoned with AI?

Search engines are how the internet is organized.  It’s true there is a whole dark web of content that is not in search engines. It would be a huge advancement for search engines to go away but who is leading the charge? It was bing, a search engine.  We could see some going straight to Open AI and not using search engines but Open AI is now built on search engines.  Some how, someway, the content will need to be organized by those actually writing it. This is why search engines in some fashion will be around. Maybe AI-type chatbots will be integrated but the search engine will stay and will need fed content by marketers and businesses alike.

Google’s business is built on ads

A large percentage of Google’s revenue comes from ads.  Google has integrated AI into its ads such as  Google search ads, Display ads, youtube, and more. AI is fully integrated into marketing and advertising and has been for a while.  Google is not going to sabotage its own revenue model without a replacement sent.  Ads will need to flow with content, wherever it exists.  So for the time being, if Google was to just give you the answer as a search result, it won’t be able to peak the consumer to be more curious and stay online.  Without content marketing, Google’s revenue dies.  

It’s inevitably going to change but however, it changes it’s likely going to involve ads.  Not everyone can afford to pay a subscription model, and do we really want the world’s information wrapped up in only those who can afford it? We hope not. 

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Someone has to tell the story from the company’s voice

We at Elevated Marketing Solutions have a brand of education, helpfulness, and calmness.  It’s why we have nature integrated into our website and graphics.  

Technology can be stressful, quick, and complicated but your marketing agency doesn’t have to.

That’s why with everything we do with content marketing of audio, written, video, and graphics we try to simplify marketing and explain in terms that anyone can understand. This is our story, now what is yours? How can you write about a topic but say it how you would explain it to a customer or client as if they are right there? 

You might have a content marketing agency that is getting the first couple of drafts over to you, but eventually, it should make it to your company.  This is where the company voice is added with personal stories and expertise that the marketing agency might now know.  The grunt work is done though. Eventually, they might get good enough to do that for you too. 

Brands cannot stop writing about and telling the story of what they do.

Content marketing is not going to go anywhere for this reason.  If stop talking about how you can help, puts you dead in the water.  We will all write about our businesses and what we can do in our own way.  

When you stop talking, everyone stops listening.

But even further if you talk in a boring way, then they are just annoyed and really not listening. 

Besides, how will future AI learn if there is no writing?  It cannot expand beyond what has already been written. We will need to continue to evolve our writing as the world advances. Will searching give us credit? Maybe, but we don’t know for sure. 

What kind of writing is AI good at?

Basic writing as we said above; social media post, copy for ads, simpler writing.  We don’t think there is much more to say about that. AI is simple, your story is not.

The future of content marketing: a harmonious blend

So, what’s the future of content marketing in an AI-driven world? It’s not about humans versus machines—it’s about integrating the two. AI can automate tasks, analyze data, and provide insights that inform marketing strategies. Humans, on the other hand, can leverage these insights to create content that is emotionally resonant, creative, and culturally sensitive.

In Conclusion

AI has undoubtedly revolutionized content marketing, but it’s not replacing it. The human elements—empathy, creativity, and understanding—remain indispensable. In an increasingly automated world, it’s the human touch that will continue to make content marketing stand out.

So, the next time you hear someone saying that AI is going to replace content marketing, tell them this: AI is a tool, not a replacement. It can supplement and enhance our efforts, but it cannot replicate the human touch that is at the heart of content marketing.

Remember, in content marketing,

it’s not just about reaching the most people—it’s about reaching the right people, in the right way.

And that, my friends, is something only humans can truly excel at.

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