Meet Cade Ford, the Newest Addition to Our Digital Marketing Team!

At Elevated Marketing Solutions, we recently brought on more talent – queue Cade Ford. Cade is much like the rest of our team, he has a passion for digital marketing.

If someone were to describe Cade in five words, those five words would be:

Genuine, Ambitious, Optimistic, Creative, and Hard-Working

Cade’s Life Before Digital Marketing

I grew up in Dallas, Texas. Before I found my passion, growing up I wanted to become quite a few things. 

Funny enough the first job I remember telling my mom I wanted to do at the age of 10 was to own and operate my own ice cream truck… That “dream” was short-lived moving on to a cyber security analyst, and then a fighter jet pilot. I quickly realized that it was more of my dad’s dream he had embedded in me at a young age and decided to step out and think for myself which led me to fall in love with all the moving parts of digital marketing! 

Ever since I was young I always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible for fun. Whether it was seeing how fast and far I could launch myself and my bike off a ramp when I was 4 to racing and winning state in motocross when I was 8. Nowadays I’m skydiving at least once a week or filming fun videos with friends usually around some other type of extreme sport like free diving, Digital Marketing Teamwakeboarding, surfing, etc.

Cade’s Background in Digital Marketing

The best part of digital marketing is that it’s forever changing and having the opportunity to constantly learn new ways to market in this ever-expanding digital world is challenging but amazing. For example… a few months ago big companies weren’t spending large amounts of money on billboards inside the metaverse. Now they are. And I am here for it!

I use to be a freelance videographer so a favorite strategy of mine is running an organic to paid traffic campaign. Basically, the client posts regular videos and photos niched to their service/product daily across multiple social media platforms where we collect data. I then create a retargeting campaign through an initial re-interest ad which then follows up with an offer/promotion ad in order to get the customers to purchase. Why it’s my favorite is because I get to do some creative brainstorming for the content side of things and it allows you to cut out TOF ad spend which is 60% of the budget!

I would tell them that understanding how to read data and optimize performance is great, but what is more important than that is having accurate data to optimize from. If the data you’re seeing isn’t good data then everything else is going to be messed up down the funnel and a lot of money is going to be wasted. 

Every client wants to see a 100x ROI and so do I! But in other ways, doing right by the client to me means being completely transparent throughout the whole partnership. This includes regular reporting and one on one calls to go over current strategies being run. Another way I like to do right by my clients is always staying on budget!