Introducing our team’s newest Content Marketing Specialist: Aaron Smith

I am very excited to be joining as the newest member of the already amazing Elevated Marketing Solutions team. My current skillset, along with EMS will continue to help me grow not only on a professional level but grow this team of amazing digital/content marketing specialists.

Five words to describe me: Hilarious, Caring, Organized, Stylish, and Insightful

How I Got Here

For starters, I was born and raised here in Indianapolis, IN as one of four boys. It was not until I was twelve that we finally gained a younger sister, making me the middle child of five. The rumors are true, middle children tend to be the most out-of-the-box thinkers and I’ve always been that way. My passion for creativity and visual arts started early because I used to randomly design t-shirts in my spare time, and later became more infatuated with art class as I progressed in school. Butler University is where my passion for design and marketing was born, graduating in 2017 with a B.A. in Interactive Media and Journalism. Upon graduation, I worked with a multitude of individuals ranging from small businesses to large corporations, gaining skills and growing my knowledge in design.

Unwinding In My Spare Time

I am an avid home cook and so I love to try to either make new recipes from scratch or recreate recipes with my own twist. Back in high school, I used to be on the dance team and still enjoy dancing to this day. On the other hand, most of my dance moves involve line dances and two-steps with friends versus an eight-count with a large team. I love trying new restaurants and currently have an ongoing list of saved Instagram and TikTok videos with my mom and some friends of restaurants we want to try. Many of them are located here in Indy, but most are in other cities we want to visit. Long story short, the best way to become my friend is through food.

Keep Them Guessing

When life hands you lemons, surprise everyone and make orange juice

A sort of “motto” or “mantra” that has always resonated with me is “When life hands you lemons, make orange juice and watch them wonder how you did it”. I enjoy this text a lot because it speaks to my creative thinking and the way I still want to get a task done but in a way that may not have been the usual direction. I use that practice when it comes to design, especially client work with one little difference. Making sure the tasks are done to the best of my ability so that I feel proud to own my work, however, I might only let you wonder how I did it for a moment because there’s enough room for us all to win.

Tips Of A Content Marketing Specialist

Being a part of the everchanging world that is content marketing, the main takeaways I’ve learned are to stay true to yourself and to make sure the client leaves wanting to come back. Staying true to yourself is an important skill to have in that you aren’t just taking orders and creating things you may not feel showcase your best self. Having a unique mindset and process to get things done keeps you from feeling stagnant while also providing a different approach to projects. As for the client leaving and wanting to come back, that is pretty self-explanatory. Make sure you are not only proud of what you presented but leave the client knowing that you are someone they can trust and rely on for any future needs they might have.

As an extroverted people person, I enjoy connecting with others, especially other content marketing specialists, so feel free to connect with me!