Meet Your Creative Operations Manager!

Meet Brenna, your Creative Operations Manager at Elevated Marketing Solutions! Brenna is passionate about digital marketing and prides herself on staying true to our core values.

Digital Marketing Q&A

What does your new job title at the digital marketing agency entail, and how does it differ from your previous role?

My previous role as Project Marketing Manager entailed many tasks that aided in organizing, creating, and communicating. Now, as Creative Operations Manager, I oversee more of the creative tasks here at our agency. I handle all things creative while keeping projects organized and ensuring great client and team communication.

Digital Marketing QuoteHow does your new role contribute to the overall success of the digital marketing agency and its clients?

As the Creative Operations Manager, I help contribute to overall success by making sure all creative needs are met. There are many projects that require creative: paid social ads, Google ads, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, website design, and a lot more!

What initially attracted you to the field of marketing, and what keeps you passionate about it today?

There are many reasons to love digital marketing, but my favorite thing about digital marketing is that the industry itself is always changing. There is always something new to try, and I enjoy the challenge of learning a new skill. Our ever-changing industry also provides a fast-paced environment, ensuring that our day-to-day projects are almost never the same.

How do you approach the balance between creativity and data-driven decision-making in your marketing strategies?

The success of creativity lies within the data. That being said, every piece of creative has a strategy behind it, and that strategy is developed based on the data. This makes the creation process fun, there are many ways to interpret the story of data, meaning there are endless opportunities when it comes to creativity.

Outside of your professional role, what hobbies or activities do you enjoy that contribute to your creativity or overall well-being?

Creativity isn’t only used in my professional role, but in my personal life as well. One hobby I enjoy as a creative outlet is taking on DIY projects. Another hobby of mine is reading. I find that reading is a great way to take one’s creativity and make it my own as I analyze the meaning behind a great book.

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