Meet Brenna, Our Project Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing is my passion and I am thrilled to be a part of this team.

I asked five people to describe me in five words: ambitious, patient, hardworking, honest, and energetic.

My Background before Digital Marketing

I grew up in Shelbyville, Indiana surrounded by cornfields. Growing up in a small town with very little to do, I had to make opportunities for myself – that meant putting myself out there.

Before college, I always thought that I wanted to be a teacher. However, I felt that I needed to take advantage of my spark for business and design. I then went on to study Marketing and Web Development at University of Southern Indiana.

A month before I graduated, I applied for a job that just felt right. I am humbled to have landed a job with Elevated Marketing Solutions as a Digital Marketing Specialist, before moving into my current role as the Project Marketing Manager.

Digital MarketingMy Interests Aside from Digital Marketing

When I am not hard at work in digital marketing, I enjoy hiking, going to concerts, and photography.

Hiking is my way to relax and clear my head. There is no better thrill for me than going to concerts with my friends and sister – country concerts are my favorite!

I just recently picked up photography, and I have been learning the basics. Photography is a great creative outlet for me, much like my position at Elevated Marketing Solutions.

My passion for digital marketing stems from my creativity. Anything visual is what I enjoy working with, it comes naturally for me to simply make it work.

What I Believe In

After working in retail for six years, I quickly learned that putting the customer first had to be my main priority. My definition of putting the customer first is: staying true to my moral and ethical obligation when serving clients. Being 100% transparent with clients is something that is important to me.

My Growth in Digital Marketing

Since beginning my digital marketing role, I have learned many things – organic social media, email marketing, project management, and so much more. Growing my skills in different areas that make up digital marketing is important in order to keep getting better and providing the best for our clients.

Working at Elevated Marketing Solutions is a blessing. Aside from working with an amazing team, I also get to work with wonderful clients.

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