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Online Digital Marketing Analysis

You might be wondering how your online marketing is performing.  Data Analysis is the crux of developing a digital marketing strategy that will work.  If you areDigital Marketing Analysis not able to identify what the problems are with your online marketing then you cannot provide a solution.  Often we hear the instant solutions or what we would call “online marketing tactics” but it hasn’t been determined that you are having issues with the solution that specific marketing tactic will provide.

All of our clients start with full data analysis and often a setup of the data.  We often find that the setup was never done correctly or fully.  Why? It is time-consuming and can be complicated.  It gets in the way as some might think of getting to the actual fun part of marketing.

We take the scientific approach to digital marketing analysis. After we review what you have with your marketing data, we develop a strategy to solve the issue of your online presence including what channels you are using to drive traffic to the website to what happens when they get to the website.

We then divide out with what is the low-hanging fruit to get results quicker while looking ahead and planning out at least 3 months of marketing.

This is where the digital marketing strategy comes in and is the next step. 

We also believe in agile marketing in that your marketing needs to evolve as you get data in and see what works and doesn’t.  While agile marketing is a somewhat new term, it’s actually based on the scientific approach.  You develop a hypothesis, implement, measure, and adjust.

While years of experience in digital marketing can help you develop a strong hypothesis, you won’t always be correct.  The interest will always throw in audible with marketing changes and algorithm updates.  We must also stay on our toes!

We will provide solutions to these questions.

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Digital Marketing Analysis

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