Our digital marketing process to finding your solution

We believe everyone starts in different places when it comes to digital marketing. Whether you are new to digital marketing or you are a veteran looking to up your game, you have come to the right place. We don’t do packages of services, we look to find out what is wrong with your current marketing and/or develop what your digital marketing should be. Our process allows us to find solutions and not just sell services.

Digital Marketing Strategy Steps

We need to first understand who you are and who you are trying to market too.  We have a business profile for every client with a ton of questions that allows us to start to build an avatar of who your ideal client is.  Through this process, we gather valuable information that allows us to start to think about what type of marketing and what platforms might work for you.

Digital Marketing Strategy Step 2

Once we have an idea of who you are trying to reach we audit the current status of your digital marketing.  This means reviewing what you have on your website and seeing if it matches the story told of who you are trying to market for.  We poke holes to see what you are missing from a perspective of telling your story.

Digital Marketing Strategy Step 3

At this stage, we will audit your existing data to see what your current data can tell us about what is working and what is not.  What we might find at this stage and often we do is a lack of data or in an improper setup of data. This is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign.  We must be able to measure what we are trying to improve. Everything we do is measured and tested.

Digital Marketing Strategy Step 4

Is this step, we will research using various tools to gather what your competitors are doing as well as review targeting in various platforms to determine what is the best strategy. We believe in both organic marketing (better known as SEO) and paid channels (better known as PPC with Google, Facebook/Instagram ads to name a few channels). We will then work to build out an ongoing plan to build out all of your online presence.

Digital Marketing Strategy Step 5

Lastly, we will present to you what we find and start to discuss the next best action steps.  We don’t believe in prebuilt packages, although this might make it easy to buy, it’s not what will get results.  We will discuss what your budget is to market your business and layout what direction we should go and when.