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Digital-Marketing-Data-AnalysisThere are many paid search marketing platforms available including, search, display, shopping, video and social networks.  Each of these products also has subsets of strategies that can be used for different buyers at every stage of the buying cycle.  It is common that when people think of PPC they think of only Google AdWords but there is so much more available. 

Some of the ad networks available include the Google platform including search, display and youtube, Bing and Microsoft Network, Yahoo and their Gemini Network, Facebook Network that includes Instagram and their own audience network, Twitter ads, LinkedIn Platform, Snapchat ads, Quaro ads, Reddit ads, Stumble Upon, ads and now more recently Amazon. I might be missing some but these are all the types of ads we have run here at Elevated Marketing Solutions. 

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How do we do our paid ads marketing?

We start off by really getting to know who we are trying to target.  We are going to ask you all kinds of questions that lead us to who your buyer personas are.  That sounds like a fancy word but all it really means is looking at the demographics of who your buyers are and what makes your buyers want to buy.

We are data-driven marketers…

When you get at the heart of almost all paid media marketing you have to be really good at looking at data and dissecting it into meaningful Paid Ads Management- Data Analysisinformation. This means you love to stare at numbers for long periods of time and get super excited when you see something you can use.  This also means sometimes you come up empty-handed and you’re ready to pull out your hair but you’re okay with it….because you love the hunt!

Do you know that when you look at just one single keyword in SEM there can be upwards of 100 different variables that are at play on whether it will be successful or not in the end goal of a conversion?

Yeah, I said that right… and this is AFTER you’ve poured hours into ensuring you chose the right keywords after sifting through sometimes thousands of choices. Social ads are just as intense with long processes of developing funnels to audiences to market too, developing the content Paid Ads Management- Keyword Researchfor each funnel and so forth! 

The problem most often is the time and effort it takes to make the best campaigns.  Even those folks who are halfway decent at paid ads management they often, do not take the time to learn, understand and dissect all the variables because after all that would be a lot of work right? At the end of the day though for that data-driven marketer, it’s not work……. it’s fun.  

So, yes you have to look at all that data and decide between everything you have and decide what is the right call.

While we are looking at the data we come up with interesting questions as to why this or that happened.  These questions turn into a new hypothesis on what could happen if we did this or that to your marketing campaign. We are constantly making observations about your campaigns.

We are data geeks so we like to look at the numbers and make decisions on our next move based on what those numbers are telling us.

We also like to look at things in order of process by which they get to our end goal.  We look at what your potential clients encounter first with your ads and then we look at the data to tell us how it is performing.  This means we are constantly tweaking every part of an ad till we get the results we are after.  We’re not moving on to the next step still we solve each step of the marketing funnel of any given campaign.

From those hypotheses, we look to see if there are measurable actions we can take so that we can develop testable predictions and start to collect the data. With today’s paid ad marketing and well a lot of digital marketing, the metrics to measure are plentiful.  We believe the really good marketers look at all these metrics and seek to understand what they mean and how you can improve upon them.

After gathering the data if there is enough data to support our hypothesis we refine the campaign to get better and better. 

There is always something to test and something to improve on.

So when we have our heads down buried in the data that’s what we’re doing developing theories to test! You know the crazy part is?

Were artistic too, we’re a weird bunch of data scientist marketers out to get results.

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