Paid Digital Marketing Channels Can Get Results Quicker, Right?

Paid digital marketing is part of a healthy marketing strategy, but does it get faster results?

If you watched my last video, I talked about the omnichannel approach vs the not-putting-all-your-eggs in-the-same-basket approach to paid media sources and organic media sources. By paid media sources I mean Facebook ads, Google ads, etc. For organic media sources, we’re talking about SEO and ranking inside Google.

Let’s explore the theory that getting results inside of paid ads is easier or quicker than getting results in organic means.

Paid Digital Marketing is Quick-ish

Generally, it is quicker. With organic or SEO you might not see the results of your efforts until three, six, or nine months later. However, when using  Google ads or Facebook ads, you’re going to get results quicker, but not in the way you think you are. With paid digital marketing there is a misconception that you can just build a campaign overnight, turn it on tomorrow, and instantly produce results. That’s not how it works. There is a lot of testing that goes into building out digital marketing plans in order to get good results. There’s a lot of data to explore so that you know if this works or if that works.

Paid Digital Marketing is Easier

But what makes it easier I’ll say (and I’m going to say easier lightly) is it’s more straightforward. Essentially, it’s easier to know what works with paid digital marketing and harder to know what works when it comes to SEO. With organic media, you can’t say that because I improved my alt tags I am ranking. And by the way, that’s a very little topic. You also can’t put out content and say well, because of this blog post I’m getting more traffic to my homepage and ranking overall. It’s not as clear-cut. There are a lot of things that you need to do in order to improve your SEO organic traffic, but it’s not as clear-cut.

Some Platforms are Easier Than Others

In Google ads it’s easier to say well, I took this action and therefore I got more conversions, let’s keep doing that activity. Facebook ads, on the other hand, can be very finicky. Some days you will try to run an ad program that you ran two weeks ago that worked beautifully and produced conversions. Then all of a sudden Facebook’s being finicky and you’re no longer getting results. 


So, is it quicker to get results inside of paid ads versus organic? Yes, it is quicker, but it’s not necessarily easier. There are still a lot of trials and tribulations that you have to go through, a lot of data you have to see, and it’s not instantaneous as in I put an ad program up and right away I had results.

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