Want to be part of a team that is driven by a shared sense of purpose and a genuine desire to create positive change?

Although a digital marketing strategy can encompass many different disciplines, we are specifically looking for someone to fill both the technical aspects of SEO and running paid ads.  This is not two full-time positions but rather a position that encompasses both skill sets. We definitely are looking for a data-driven marketer. With their technical SEO, and having web devlopment skills will come with the territory.  We hire for the right culture fit first before skills. So don’t be afraid if you look and you don’t know how to do everything.  There isn’t a marketer out there that isn’t constantly learning.  Our environment changes quickly.  We also believe in being well-rounded marketers and not just specialists in one area or another.

We are different in we look for the building blocks of a successful person with a marketing mindset.  There are certain aspects such as work ethic and integrity that just can’t be taught but everything else can be! We are a 100% virtual office and have been 2006. We have been effective in this environment for a long time!

With this role, you will be working on a lot of different digital marketing tactics and strategies.  Let’s face it digital marketing is moving at warp speed and our goal is to make sure you are never obsolete.  AI is changing everything and being niche in your skill set is no longer the best idea.

You will never be left behind without the skill sets for what is needed next at Elevated Marketing Solutions.

We need someone who thrives in constant movement and gets bored if they are not fixing things. You should also not be afraid of the unknown and love an entrepreneurial environment. You must also love, love, love to learn, and take risks!

With us, you are a member of the team, and your input matters.  Ready to join us? Fill out the form below and we will schedule an interview!

Here is what we offer:

Paid Media and Search Optimization Analyst

Max. file size: 256 MB.