Meet Our New Project Manager, Peter Wolfgram

Hello! I’m your project manager with Elevated Marketing Solutions. I make sure the team is organized and supported with everything they need for excellent work! It’s my role to keep projects on track and running smoothly.

Before this, I coordinated website development with multiple teams and vendors to support strategic marketing plans. Elevated Marketing Solutions is the perfect place to bring my skills and disciplines to bear on new projects with even great impact. Project management is the key to efficient and high-quality work. I believe everyone wants to do their best, but they can only do that with encouragement and strong support!

I’m attracted to marketing because I love creativity and I’m fascinated by the human drive to communicate with words and pictures. And making something new feels good! It’s addictive. It’s even better to watch my colleagues thrive and create. Elevated Marketing Solutions’ data-driven approach is the backbone of those stories, ensuring the work is compelling and persuasive.

Beyond work, I love exploring new restaurants and food experiences. And our family recently grew! I used to read classic fantasy novels and travel books, but now I just get choked up over “Corduroy” and “Little Blue Truck”.

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Peter Wolfgram