Why You Should be Re-marketing to Your YouTube Views

You’ve worked hard creating the videos on your YouTube channel, but are you remarketing to make sure you keep these people inside of your funnel? Perhaps you’d like to lead them to your website to see other content you have written, or to make sure when they’re ready to buy, they remember your name.

remarketing youtube views

If you want to take advantage of remarketing effectively, the first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is to connect your YouTube account to your Google Ads account.

Do this NOW, even if you’re not ready to remarket as your remarketing audience will not start to build until the two are connected, and you create a list. Until then, the furthest you can go back is thirty days. Here at Elevated Marketing Solutions, we learned the hard way. We started our channel in 2017 and have over four thousand two hundred views. Since we did not connect the YouTube account to Google Ads until later, we missed out on building a remarketing audience from those views.

Also, Think about videos on your website. If you’re using YouTube to host those and people are watching them on your site, you can remarket to those people as well.

There many options available for remarketing:

  • Those who have viewed any video from a channel
  • Those who have viewed a certain video (and you want to lead them to your website for a different one)
  • Viewed any video as an ad, if you’re running YouTube ads
  • Viewed certain videos as ads
  • Subscribed to a channel
  • Visited a channel
  • Liked any video from a channel
  • Added any video from a channel to a playlist
  • Commented on any video from a channel
  • Shared any video from a channel.

However, it means nothing until you connect Google Ads and start building a list of people to which you can remarket.

Remarketing to YouTube Views

In Google Ads, go to Tools >>> Linked accounts >>>YouTube and click details. If you haven’t connected an account, you won’t see anything under details. You can click on the plus icon to add a channel, then search for the channel by typing it in. 

It will ask if you are the owner of the channel. If you are logged into the same Google account in which the YouTube channel was created, then you can go ahead and just say yes.  Otherwise, you will need to know the email address the YouTube channel is associated with to request the connection. An email address will be sent to that address to make the connection. The link inside the email that is sent will bring you to your YouTube account, or you could go directly to YouTube under Channel / Advanced where we can link an AdWords account. Once they are linked, we can start to create audiences.

Now back to Tools >>>Audience Manager in Google Ads, you can see the YouTube audience you have available (remember, if you just now connected YouTube, you only have the last thirty days results available). You can also see the Display audience and Gmail audience.

This is an audience that was built similar to Viewed any video.

This is my Viewed any video, so I have 2,200 available in Search, 1,900 in YouTube, 1,700 in the Display, and 790 in Gmail.

Now you can run a search campaign, and target people who have watched “any video,” and the next time they search on Google, you can show up for that audience. You can actually bid higher for that particular audience also. You can do that while they’re on YouTube, and You can do that while they’re within the Display Network which compromises over 2 million websites and almost 90% of users. You could target when the word Digital Marketing (for example) is on a page, and they’ve watched a video, that they see Your ad. Then lead them to learn more about you, or to a specified article.

There are so many options there. You can advertise to people:

  • In-market
  • Based on their search behavior.
  • Inside Gmail ads

Remarketing with YouTube is the perfect way to keep the people familiar with your brand inside of your funnel.

That only covered only “Viewed any video,” let’s look at a couple more lists that we can create. If you are still on your Google Ads remarketing page, click the plus icon and go to “YouTube users.” We would see from the drop-down under “list members” the same categories we talked about earlier. I might choose “Viewed certain videos” if I have a video that has many views, and I want to lead them to a specific article on my website. This is one of many ways you can engage people who have subscribed to or even only visited your channel.

“Visited a channel page,” could be quite a large audience, so use that one as an example. You can include all people from the last thirty days. That is as far as you can go back when creating a new list. You can keep visitors on the list for up to five hundred forty days which would build a larger list or keep them for fewer days if perhaps you would like to target a smaller audience for some reason. If you want an even larger audience, you can create a list for “Similar to Viewed Any Video. Again, you can create these lists in Search, YouTube, Display, and Gmail.

Don’t’ let your hard work go to waste. You spent the time, effort, and money to create your YouTube content, don’t forget to remarket to the viewers of your videos to keep them inside your marketing funnel.

Alternatively, you can visit us at elevatedmarketing.solutions, and we’ll do it for you.