Digital Marketing Results

How quickly can you get results from digital marketing? I’m going to give you the answer you probably hate to hear; it depends.

Beware of People Who Make Guarantees

Digital marketing results depend on a lot of different things. Anybody that gives you any kind of guarantee that they can have results within 30 days without talking to you or understanding where you’re at in your business journey, or understanding if you’re digitally savvy online, isn’t doing you any favors. I think you need to run.

They don’t know all the pieces of the puzzle. The reality is even when they have all the pieces of the puzzle and understand everything about you there are things that can be out of their control. So I think the word guarantee is a pretty scary word when it comes to marketing or just business in general to be honest.

I never want anybody to work with us without getting results though. After all that’s what it’s all about. If we’re not achieving results then we need to evaluate what we are trying to accomplish.

Why Digital Marketing Results Vary (hint: every company is different)

Here are some of the things that I think about when I try to answer the question, “How quickly can we expect results?” A lot of it is going to be where you’re at in your journey as a business.

Depends on Old Business or New Business

Are you have you been in business for a while or are you brand new? If you’ve been around a while then maybe we’re finding people that are already familiar with your business and getting to recommend you, refer you or use your services again. That’s a totally different ballgame than, I’m a completely brand new company and nobody knows who I am.

Depends on How New Your Product Is

In that same breath, results will vary if you’re introducing a brand new product. Maybe a brand new product for your company or maybe just a brand new product like, “Hey nobody’s ever used it before.” It doesn’t exist, and we have to convince people at the very beginning that, hey this is something that they do in fact need.” Two different stories versus a product or a service that everybody’s kind of familiar with then it’s just a matter of why are you better.

Depends on the Competition

It also has its own unique challenge and that it could be very competitive if there are lots of people that are offering this product or service and it can’t be because of care. Everybody says that we give great customer service. You really have to think outside of that box. And really discover that “why”. What you need to do in general is why do you get up and do the things that you do?

Depends on Your Location

Also, it could be a location we have to consider within your area that you’re trying to scope out how many people actually need your service and competitiveness to bring that back in. A lot of times I might have people like, “I can do the entire United States.”Well, I think that’s great, but we should start in your backyard. Let’s start with the low-hanging fruit and look at where we can get first.

Depends on How Digital your Company Is

So, outside of where you’re at in the journey of your business, the other big thing is where are you at in your journey as a digital company. And I don’t mean digital like a tech company. I mean where are you at on moving your company presence online, if you have existing systems in place. You have your Google Analytics set up. It’s completely set up correctly. You’ve got all your conversions set up. Your phone calls form-fills. If you’ve got a Facebook pixel already on your website, and you’re already collecting data about those people in either platform, you already have built audiences that are collecting information from your site and were able to cross-channel that information.

Depends on How Hands-on Your Company Is

If you’re already running Google Ads, and it’s just a matter of coming in and taking all of that data and analyzing it and making good decisions about where we should go next and how we should tweak that,
totally different ballgame than I don’t have any of that setup. I don’t have any information to go off of. That’s where we often find a lot of people, is their data is not quite set up. They’re not quite tracking all that information. And so it’s going to take a little bit longer to gather all that, get some good baselines and understand where your people are at. Going back to, if you don’t have a whole lot of traffic coming into your site we’re in a totally different story than if you have a lot of traffic we just need to get that traffic to convert.


There’s a lot to consider and I think that any marketing company that foolishly comes in and says they can get results in x number of months isn’t looking a the big picture. They’re not gathering all the information that they need and, again, even if they have all the information there is no guarantee.

Here at Elevated, we don’t do long-term contracts. We offer a month-to-month commitment. If you don’t like me or I don’t like you and it’s not a good fit then we both go our separate ways. We’re very data-driven, though, and results matter. We’re going to push it hard for results, but we’re not going to guarantee anything because after all, this is life and that’s not how it works.

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