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Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

“Has helped tremendously! Would recommend to anyone…”

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

“Excellent attention to detail and has great insights to help grow your business.”

Dr. Shawn Bensinger, Humarian

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Excellence in service with unique insight and integrity. Elevated Marketing has been like a breath of fresh air for our company. Jennifer took over a mess left by another company, and she set things in place and organized them and immediately started generating ROI for our company. If you want it done right, if you want integrity and transparency in your business dealings, then Elevated is a fantastic choice! I highly recommend them.

Bryndon Preston, Humarian

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer and her team are EXPERTS and I can sleep at night knowing they are on top of the latest updates and implications to my business. A very valuable resource!

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer is a tremendous digital marketer but more importantly, a one-in-a-million resource that can be counted on to always provide the truth. If she thinks she can help, she will do whatever it takes to provide a client a fantastic return on their investment. But, if she thinks the potential client won’t see much of a return, she will let them know and offer honest advice before they ever pay her a penny. At Elevated, this level of integrity, along with her knowledge, does a great service to both her company and her clients’.

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Dynamic thinker, who KNOWS the business like no other I’ve encountered in my career. And, she is an incredible partner for help me push my business to the next level with her expertise!! She is top rated and making huge impacts to our business. I’m certain my next review will be in sharing the incredible gains received with her assistance!!!

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer Denney did a fantastic job of teaching Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced. She was able to tie together the complicated concepts of Google Analytics in a way that made sense. Her real-life examples provided context for all of the different insights that can be gleaned from Analytics once everything is set-up and maintained correctly.

I strongly recommend taking one of Jennifer’s classes on Google Analytics or on other Google products or on Digital marketing. Although you can find information, videos and help online, nothing replaces the real-time exchange of a live classroom to really understand the intricacies and interrelated nature of Google. Google Analytics provides a ton of data but it’s not the data rather its boiling the data down to information and then turning that information into actionable insight. This is where Jennifer excels; others might get you to the big picture but she can get to the real point of utilizing Google Analytics in the first place.

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

ITProTV engaged with Elevated Marketing when we were seeking to launch a digital marketing program for our B2B business. Jennifer was knowledgeable and easy to work with. She took the time to mentor one of our team members while she implemented our campaign so that we were able to manage the process on our own after a six-month engagement.

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone considering becoming certified in Google Analytics. As a visual learner, her hands on approach was exactly what I needed to apply the techniques taught on Google Analytics Academy directly to my organization’s Google Analytics data.

Jennifer’s expertise and coaching made passing Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics a total BREEZE!

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Elevated Marketing Solutions has done nothing short of an outstanding job for all of our online business needs. EMS is very knowledgeable and very creative when it came our specific online needs. They are very hands-on and incredibly easy to communicate and work with during the process.

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer is a fabulous person, and does a great job for us. The results for our business have been unbelievably great since we have hired her. She is one of the best investments we have ever made!

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Elevated Marketing has been a blessing to my small company. I like to call Elevated Marketing, the “back door” keeper of our websites and data. Jennifer at Elevated has helped better index, organize, and set up data milestones to make sure our website and SEO presence is FINALLY moving in the right direction.

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Great communication and exceeds expectations.

Todd Beattie, Owner of Fire Eye Fitness

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer has taken the bull by the horns when it comes to handling our marketing needs. Before Jennifer got ahold of things we only thought we knew what we were doing. Jennifer has completely dissected every aspect of our marketing, make the appropriate corrections and improvements and then put it all back together. Our SEO ranking have more then tripled since we started working with her. Our sales are up more then 25% and most importantly, she has cut our pay per click campaign cost down by nearly half by improving quality score and developing customer appealing ads. When you work with Jennifer you will get her undivided attention and commitment to seamlessly handle your companies marketing needs. We will continue to use Jennifer as our marketing manager for many years to come.

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

I’ve hired a lot of SEO experts over the years, and most of them fell short of delivering on their promises. When I met Jennifer I knew instantly that she knew her stuff and she has delivered over & over for us. Her methodology & systems are probably one of the best around. I highly recommend her and her team for your SEO and Ads campaigns.

Antoine Dupont, Katapult Marketing

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

This team is knowledgeable and led by someone with high integrity and attention to quality. Their ability to execute with efficiency is among the best I’ve worked with in over 20 years in digital.

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer is the best. We use her as the digital marketing manager of our client projects and she has been excellent to work with. We keep coming back to her because she loves internet marketing in a way that can’t be replicated and her talent matches her passion. Even above the great services she provides, her biggest value to us is that she is such a good educator

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer at Elevated Marketing Solutions has been a knowledgeable Google Analytics partner for us at Franklin College. She has led us through a process to fix our analytics settings and then optimize Google tools so we can get data that is truly significant to our business. Jennifer is organized and an excellent teacher, a leader and a professional. I highly recommend her as a consultant.

Ann Smith, Franklin College

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer does a great job assessing the needs of clients. She is both knowledgeable and effective in identifying and implementing necessary changes to continually move toward our company’s goal.

Regina Miller, Owner of Geek in Pink

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer does a great job of providing us what we need and educating us on best practices. She is an expert on Google Analytics and Adwords. Highly recommended.

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer is great! She is an absolutely vital asset to our marketing efforts who has optimized and improved a big part of our strategy to help us drive exponentially better results. She is knowledgeable and driven to problem-solve to deliver optimal solutions. She is a pleasure to work with and we would definitely hire her again to help us with other projects in the future

Viktoriya Caneva, Digital Marketing Specialist at ITPro.TV

Taking on the 2015-2016 President position at IndyAMA, Jennifer immediately added a lot of energy to a quickly changing group. She encourages others to bring new ideas to the table and is eager to learn (and teach) new ways of engaging audiences. Jennifer is a go-getter, a bright personality, a digital guru, and always ready to take the next steps to complete a project or propel an idea into action

Krysten Schmidt, Marketing Coordinator at CREA, LLC

Jennifer is a pleasure to both work with and learn from. Her energy and passion for marketing has been a strong asset to IndyAMA. Not only has she helped IndyAMA grow with her digital expertise, but she is also very encouraging and helpful when others want to learn more in marketing, as a team member, and as a leader!

Rachel Saltsgaver, Brand Specialist at FORUM Credit Union | President of IndyAMA

Jennifer has been assisting me with my advertising and promotion for several years. She is very creative in coming up with new and improved ways to promote my business. She is very knowlegeable about the subject matter, but explains it to me in a way i can understand

Steven Crell, Partner at Cohen Garelick & Glazier

Jennifer’s leadership has been instrumental is building the brand of the IndyAMA. Her background in digital marketing has helped us create and sustain an online presence that will help our community grow and thrive. More importantly, Jennifer sees the entire engagement landscape, from digital to in-person and everything in between, and she helps all of the board members work toward becoming more engaged with the IndyAMA community

Katie Gilmore, KS Gilmore Consulting

Jennifer joined The B2B Marketers group and started contributing right away. She immediately started participating in meetings and offering new ideas on how we could make changes to improve upcoming event communication, social media efforts and membership. These changes had a direct impact on improving the number of attendees at meetings. It was a pleasure working with Jennifer!

Lavon Simpson, B2B Marketing Manager at BrickHouse Security

It has been a true pleasure working with Jennifer during her time with SEO Exposed. She always has a positive, “can-do” attitude and works tirelessly researching her industry and prospects’ backgrounds so that she is thoroughly prepared. Jennifer puts forth her very best effort in everything she does, and she will be a great asset to any team she joins

Linda Walters, Vice President, Marketing at RecruitMilitary

Jennifer is probably the hardest working sales person I have ever met. She is meticulous in her followup, and is constantly on top of the ball when it comes to preparation and communication with clients. She strove to meet her goals and was willing to put in whatever it took to make it happen. I would highly recommend Jennifer for any sales related position as she would be a huge benefit to your organization.

Timothy Warren

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jennifer over the past several months. She has proven herself to be incredibly knowledgeable in the digital marketing space and a very hard worker. I own a small business and she helped with my digital marketing strategy. With a few changes she recommended I saw my site traffic almost double within two weeks. She works extra hours to stay current on the latest strategies and takes steps to be a leader in her industry by joining and leading organizations focused around marketing. She does it all with a huge smile on her face because she truly loves what she does. Her passion for digital marketing is what makes her such a great ally for all of those that work with her.

Justin Birt

Jennifer and I worked in a virtual environment. As a new manager myself, it was very clear to me that Jennifer’s leadership, passion, and drive for success with her team was who I needed to align myself with. Jennifer’s working knowledge of Digital and Social Media Marketing along with her ability to teach others fosters an environment of success for all who work with her. Jennifer understands the here and now but sees and knows how to build for the future. Whether you are working with Jennifer as a perspective client, one of her peers, or a member of her team; Jennifer delivers proven results.

Kristin Guerrette

Jennifer is an amazing ‘go-getter’ and multi-tasker – who LOVES to help people. She doesn’t shy away from a challenge or make excuses. She is passionate, loyal and hard-working – and gets the job done! Great asset to any organization – as a team member or vendor – she always does the ‘right thing!’

Trisha Barton, Owner of A Game Strategic Marketing

Jennifer Denney was my manager for over a year, and I give much credit to her for the success I had in my position. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of marketing, particularly digital marketing. She is also very personable and clients relate very well to her.

Kristi Donnelly

Jennifer is a go-getter with a “get it done” attitude. I could always count on her to tackle initiatives and motivate her team to do the same. She gives honest and helpful feedback and was always willing to help other teams with great advice.

Jennifer Ashcraft, Search Consultant at Global Recruiters of Huntsville

Jennifer Denney hit the ground running when she joined Yellowbook. Her success as a sales rep quickly fast tracked Jennifer into Management. She is the consummate leader willing to be in the trenches with her team leading by example.

Leah Boyle

Jennifer was and is a great sales manager. She always led by example and didn’t ask anybody to do anything she wasn’t willing to do herself. She is so hard working and has taken the time to learn her craft inside and out, she excelled in her managerial role. Any sales organization would be better off for having Jennifer as a part of their team.

Brock Carson

I have worked with Jennifer for nearly 8 years. She is definitely one of the hardest workers I have ever been around. She refuses to except losing or not hitting expectations. She is very knowledgeable in online marketing and has helped me out on numerous occasions. Her willingness to win and exceed expectations is one of her strongest qualities as a sales rep and a sales manager.

Ryan Uhl

Jennifer is very detailed oriented. Her passion for digital advertising was visible every day. She was a great teacher/mentor to learn from. She is a true professional that is as relentless as they come. When she puts her mind to it she can accomplish everything. It was a pleasure working for her.

Robert Webster

Jennifer and I worked together for several years while at Yellowbook. Upon starting with the company, it was immediately apparent that she is extremely hardworking and dedicated to exceeding her goals. She showed herself as a top performer and quickly stepped into a leadership role. Jennifer is a great example of how success can be achieved through persistence and building solid relationships with clients and colleagues. Her personal commitment to winning and ability to lead her team is a valuable asset for any sales organization.

Nina LaRouche, Director of Sales Enablement & Training at Project Lead The Way

Jennifer and I worked on together on the sales team at Yellowbook and were hired just four months apart. By the time I joined the company, Jennifer had already established herself as a sales floor leader, one with a never-quit attitiude. As the company’s business model evolved, she stayed in the fore-front and never missed a step.

Anne Marie Bell, Account Executive at Benefitfocus

Jennifer worked tirelessly and consistently exceeded the set goals. Her hard work showed in the way she was able to grow existing customer accounts and gain new customers in a short amount of time.

Not only did Jennifer exceed expectations, she was also willing to help others meet their goals through example, encouragement, and peer training.

Barbara Thompson, Communications and Events Manager at NAMI Indiana

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone considering becoming certified in Google Analytics. As a visual learner, her hands on approach was exactly what I needed to apply the techniques taught on Google Analytics Academy directly to my organization’s Google Analytics data.

Jennifer’s expertise and coaching made passing Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics a total BREEZE!

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

Jennifer has been a fantastic teacher while learning about Google Analytics and related tools.

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

I attended the Google Analytics five-week course for beginners with Jennifer and really enjoyed it! I was a beginner with Google Analytics in basically every sense – I had only had brief experience working with it previously, but not much experience in terms of account set up and filtering capabilities. This class truly was great for all levels. Jennifer does a really great job of being very inclusive to all individuals, which is one of the reasons that class sizes are capped. I was not able to attend one class as I could not physically be there, but Jennifer provided a way for me to sit in on the class remotely so that I did not miss any material. I walked away from the class feeling significantly more educated and experienced with Google Analytics and many components that can be used to enhance your experience with Analytics. The only thing that I think could have been improved was a better understanding of what was needed coming into the class. I didn’t realize that the class would provide us with ACTUAL hands-on experience with our own Google Analytics account right from the beginning, and so I was ill-prepared coming in, which I also accept the blame for. Other than that, this class was a great experience and I would easily sign up to take part in another class with Jennifer and Elevated Marketing Solutions again in the future.

Lisa Pike

Top Indianapolis Marketing Agencies

The Google Analytics for Beginners course with Jennifer was instrumental in prodding me to complete online assessments with Google Analytics Academy. She adeptly answered questions from all levels of user experience (even through email) including providing clarification and patiently answering questions that had already been asked before. Not only did she teach Beginning Google Analytics, she shared suggestions from her own experience to use when implementing Google Analytics.

Michael Fisher

Elevated Marketing Solutions did a nice job coming into our business educating our team on GA. We have all different levels of users and different applications they work within. Jennifer was able to quickly navigate through the team needs and help across many levels of the organization. Regardless of where the team members were she was able to serve valuable content!

Paul C.

Jennifer has been wonderful to work with. Incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She helped LightBound get everything set up and has been pointing us in the right direction. Highly recommend.

Dane D.

I’ve taken Jennifer’s Google Analytics and Google Adwords classes. They were both so helpful. She shows you how to maneuver through the complex nuances of these important web tools. Her slides are informative with links and she provides several bonus tools.

Gretchen Guard

Jennifer is incredibly knowledgeable, and her approach towards teaching is refreshing and helpful. Really enjoyed our time with her and appreciated her candid expertise. Would highly recommend her!

Cody Edgar

Jennifer has a ton of knowledge and is a fantastic teacher. She takes you as far into PPC as you are willing to go and wants to see you succeed. Really have enjoyed working with her and will continue to.

TJ Deluccia

Jennifer’s PPC training has been so helpful for our team. After the second meeting, I already feel more confident in my Google AdWords knowledge!

Taylor Craig

Jennifer is patient and approachable. You can ask her any question without feeling stupid. She takes very complex concepts and boils them down for you so they’re easier to understand. Great instructor!

Shannon Samson

Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge about Google and marketing! Highly recommend!

Marcella Kates

Jenny is professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. She exhibits great communication skills with her customers. I would highly recommend her.

Ben, Innovative Environments

Elevated Marketing Solutions is my go to for Google AdWords and Analytics! Very knowledgable, helpful, and is always on top of the newly released changes and features!

Michelle Antoine
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