The Dos and Don’t of Short Videos

We are sharing our do’s and don’t when making short-form videos.  When we share our lists of do’s and don’ts, it’s crucial to recognize these guidelines as reflections of what has successfully worked for us, rather than universal truths. Buildings such lists are not rigid sets of rules to follow blindly. Instead, they serve as a starting point from which you can explore and discover your own path.

It’s important to remember that creativity and success manifest differently for everyone. we hope you can review the list and spark your own creativity.  What works well for one person may not necessarily yield the same results for another. Other creators, with their unique perspectives and experiences, might interpret or prioritize these do’s and don’ts differently.

Therefore, while it’s beneficial to consider the advice and experiences of others, finding your own way by integrating, adapting, or even rejecting certain aspects of these lists is equally important. This approach encourages personal growth and innovation, allowing for a more personalized and effective strategy for achieving your goals.

Without further delay…

Short Video Creations Tips:

  • Do focus on the hook at the beginning of the video.  If you can’t hook someone in the first 6 seconds they will keep scrolling.Short Video Tips
  • Do ensure that you have captions on all videos, most tools provide a way to do this like Descript
  • Do keep content less than a minute if you want to be efficient to use on multiple platforms.
  • Do understand to keep the main content needs to be in frame.
    • Facebook for instance the the top is taken up by the handle of your channel, and the bottom is taken up by content. 
    • The right side is often covered by the engagement options of liking, sharing, and more
    • Content that didn’t consider this according to Facebook performs 28% lower on CTR.
  • Do use music but don’t let it overpower the talking if that is the main focus. Music can be found on a variety of sources such as Canva, YouTube’s free library of music, and native inside platforms like TikTok and Facebook/Instagram
    • Over 80% of reels listen with the sound on. 
  • Do understand certain platforms like TikTok the music can matter more as far as getting more reach and views.
  • Do use people in your content, this does better than content that doesn’t have people.

Short Video Marketing Tips:

  • Do take short-form videos you post on one platform and use them across platforms.  
  • Do vary the copy introducing the clip by the platform.
    • Facebook you can include a link in the comments
    • Instagram and TikTok they cannot click on a link in the comments. 
    • On Facebook and Instagram, the copy takes up space at the bottom of the video. 
    • On YouTube Shorts, you can have longer explanations.
    • Do use hashtags

Overall Short Video Tips:

  • Don’t spend excessive amounts of time per video. Use tools like Klapp or Opus that allow you to take longer form videos and clip them down to shorter videos. Don’t overcomplicate it because it will take you longer.
  • Do say yes to tools built by platforms like Capcut (built by Tiktok for desktop) to make it easier to find trending sounds and prebuilt videos to throw your content into.
  • Do mix your content up, between fun and informative.
  • Don’t do music trends or dance trends if it doesn’t align with your brand. But if you find one make it fun and do it. 
  • Don’t make the content to fit trending sounds. This can mean more production time, so choose wisely. If you can find a match with your brand and something trending, then go for it.
  • Don’t make all of your content trending because then it’s not you but someone else creativity. 
  • Do plan out topics in advance and chunk recording in one setting. Recording daily can be a drain for some on time due to setup and creativity drain. It’s hard to come up with fresh topics daily. 
  • Do create long-form content to go along with your short-form content. For instance blog posts or long-form videos. 
  • Don’t take watermarked content from TikTok over to other platforms. Create the content not watermarked first. 
  • Do understand a smaller engaged audience is better than a large following.
  • Do post a reel and an image on the same day because they are different feeds and do not compete with each other.
  • Do try to get to a video a day
    • TikTok can handle more than one a day if you get them.
  • Don’t get discouraged if every video doesn’t get a lot of reach. 
  • Do continue to test different tools and don’t get stuck with the same tools.  Creativity is breached by breaking beyond the mold. Your video creative can get stale if it looks the same all the time. 
  • Do create a plan of attack and stick to it for at least 2-3 months then look at the results. Looking at video by video is too narrow-focused.

Phew, well we could go on forever,  As we share our insights and strategies for crafting compelling short-form videos, we hope that these tips serve not as rigid prescriptions but as sparks for your creative journey. Embrace the diversity of approaches and remember that the essence of creativity lies in experimentation and personal expression.

What we’ve outlined here is a distillation of our experiences—tools, techniques, and practices that have propelled us forward. Yet, the true measure of success in the landscape of short-form content is your ability to adapt, innovate, and infuse your unique voice into every piece you create. By leveraging these guidelines as a flexible framework rather than a strict blueprint, you open the door to endless possibilities, enabling you to captivate audiences, engage communities, and achieve your goals with authenticity and flair.

Forge ahead with confidence, curiosity, and a willingness to evolve, and let the exciting world of short-form video be a canvas for your imagination and a showcase for your unique brand of creativity.

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