Top Nine Reasons Why You Should Take The Next Indianapolis Google Analytics Class

I know what you’re thinking why 9? I mean you couldn’t come up with 10, sure we could have come up with 23.5 reasons, I know another weird number but we did 9 because it’s different and that is who we are DIFFERENT. So let’s begin…


Jennifer Denney, your instructor, is a certified Google specialist, which means she has taken almost every test there is by Google and passed.  She has been studying and learning every Google help document out there on Google Analytics and any Google product for that matter!!  She understands how to integrate it all and have it make sense and if she doesn’t….. challenge her!! She’ll figure it out for you. There is a great community of Google Analytics experts out there that can also help.  She can tell you who they are and how to get in touch with them. Learn more about her experiences and reviews of her work. This class is also being supported by Douglas Karr.  Douglas is the CEO and Founder of DK New Media. Douglas develops partner strategies and is the publisher of the Marketing Technology Blog. Douglas consults with marketing technology clients on business and product issues as well as helping them develop their market strategies through competitive research and product positioning.


Google Analytics is free and is the most underused tool out there.  It’s a measurement tool to what is happening with your online presence. We are not going to lie it can be confusing, but once you know all the pieces, it becomes easier and easier to understand what is going on digitally. Who might lie to you? Another third party tool that does not tell you the whole story and might not be pulling into google analytics correctly. You think it is and they said it is, let us figure out if it is. Now other tools are not all bad, there is a good chance it will integrate with Google Analytics, but this is where the principal amount of your data should lie.


There are no dumb questions in our classes, only helpful answers.  Everyone starts somewhere, and we will build on that.  Will you come out certified, that is up to you and if you are willing to do the work.  We will walk through everything we can in the allotted time.  There will be homework for you to attend too and additional studying might be needed.  If you don’t think data is important to understand, then we’re afraid you might be left behind in today’s marketing world and well a lot of things.  It’s science and the world is built on science.  Somebody on your team needs to know the outputs of machines/software and make decisions.  Do you want to be that person?


Google builds the tool; you should understand how Google interprets your data because Google is where 70%+ of your organic traffic is currently being driven to your website. You need to know this as well as how other forms of pushing traffic to your website can be pulled into Google.  Facebook, Bing and many other tools now integrate with Google through Google Tag Manager. Making it that much easier to pull it all together.


It’s likely that you are not adequately using Google URL builder to ensure your traffic from referrals, affiliates, social, email, offline traffic and more are coming into google analytics correctly. In our class, you will walk away with a free tool to pull in all your marketing and keep it organized as well as have one place where the rules are.


Do you know the difference between source and medium? It’s okay, most don’t, and it’s crucial to understanding the difference between what type of traffic you have and where it’s coming from.


You are making decisions on what is working or not working by your data, and so it costs you money to not fully understand how it’s working! We’ve seen it over and over where multiple data points are coming in from different data sets that are being measured in a variety of ways.  Your attribution is all over the place.  Let’s get it cleaned up and start to make money!


Do you want reports? Perfect, Google just released Google data studio to everyone for FREE and it can integrate with several platforms! In our classes, we go over Google data studio and even give you a dashboard to use.


It’s your data, own it! Stop letting third-party vendors take your data so that they can profit from it.  It’s big business for all these softwares out there, and I’m sure Google is selling it too, but you control if it comes in correctly in Google Analytics not third party vendors.  If you ever leave a third party tool, you are potentially leaving all your data with them.  Do you think software will change, I think it will.  Think about the historical data you have lost!!

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