Top Ways to Remarket to Your Website Visitors and More!

What is Remarketing?


Remarketing is a marketing tactic that entails trying to advertise to those that have interacted with your business before. Ever had those ads that followed you around after you visited a website, that is remarketing.  You also see remarketing with email, where you might have had an initial offer to get that email, but they are not quite a client yet. Then you start to get the sequence of emails that follow.

There is a reason someone did not buy or sign up that first time they went to your website.  In fact, 95% of people do not take action the first time they visit a website. With remarketing, you are trying to understand why they said no. In the digital world, it is a lot more challenging to get that information regarding why someone has said no to your business. But you have insight into where they visited on your website, how long they stayed, what they clicked on, and more.

You should already know your typical funnel or path to purchase and your remarketing ads should follow this pattern of information. You start to serve ads in sequential order to your path of purchase. Eventually, someone sees the benefit and continues on to your next step. If they don’t get to the next steps you start to see where the funnel is broken. This is a continual funnel you are always optimizing and improving.

This is where your Google Analytics data really comes into hand. You will need to dig into the website and start to create an audience based on how someone has interacted with your website. This creates buckets of audiences to remark too. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about all the ways you can use Google Analytics to create remarketing audiences.

What Are the Different Ways to Remarket to Website Visitors?

Remarketing Google AnalyticsLook At How Long Ago They Were On Your Website

Google Analytics allows you to see data from yesterday to the last 540 days (which is the longest we’ve ever seen a platform go out). Looking at how long ago they were on your website lets you market to those consumers in different ways. Also, there are two different audiences available in this example for you to go for. There is one for the person that on your website a day ago and another audience for the person who has not recently been to your website. With different audiences, it will be about testing and seeing what strategies work best for you. This would be a good time to trial and error certain remarketing tactics to see what is successful and what is not.

Look At How Much Time Was Spent On Your Website

It is like the same scenario above. You will have different audiences here as someone may have spent only 30 seconds on your website compared to someone else who spent 5 minutes. There will be different levels of engagement. This would be another great opportunity to test out different remarketing strategies to see what will be best for your business.

Identify Specific Actions

By this, we mean identifying the specific actions that someone did on your website. For exaTop Ways to Remarket to Website Users Quotemple, you could remarket to people who were clicking and watching a certain video or remarket to people downloading a PDF. This way, you can accurately create remarketing plans to target those specific consumers who were doing those specific actions.

Look At How People Got to Your Website

There are different avenues to how someone could have gotten to your website. You may want to approach organic traffic differently than you treat social ads traffic. With social ads, there is a better understanding of how someone got to your website. We see this information in the display network with Google. We are big fans of analyzing metrics within Google Analytics. This platform allows you to remarket to all traffic regardless of how people ended up on your website. Read more information regarding Google Analytics and remarketing in this blog.

Target Returning Users vs New Users

Returning users are those that are aware of your business and are probably further down your marketing funnel. New users are brand new to you. With remarketing to returning users, it will be important to not waste any time on brand awareness strategies. These users know who you are as a business and are aware of your website. Creating ads for example like showcasing reviews from customers of your company to ensure the satisfaction that they have with your business.

With new users, since this type of user is brand new to your website, it will be beneficial to create ads geared toward what your competitive advantage is and what makes you stand out. Highlighting the strengths of your business will be vital in captivating this wave of users in order to increase your brand awareness to these users.

Cross-Channel Remarketing Strategy

Keep in mind that the strongest marketing action plans utilize cross-channel strategies. Be in multiple places and always do omnichannel marketing. Make sure remarketing is set up, stay in front of your target audience, and don’t waste money on just one source.

There are lots of platforms you can remarket on. We’ll review the top remarketing platforms that most people use and where you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

Facebook Ads Remarketing

Facebook Ad SolutionsFacebook has the most robust capabilities to increase and target ads for remarketing. It’s the third most visited site and the platform has so many valuable remarketing capabilities. In Facebook, you can remarket right away to an audience of any size.

While you can (and should) make posts regularly, keep in mind that only a small percentage of your target audience will see organic posts. Running remarketing ads to various segments gets your ads to even more people. Below is a list of the helpful segments that Facebook offers for targeting with remarketing ads.

  • Upload a customer list
  • According to website traffic
    • Those who have visited certain pages of a website
    • People who have been to the website in the last 30 days or 60 days
    • Several other ways to break this down and segment by traffic
  • Those who interacted with an app
  • Liked your page
  • Those who engaged with your page or post
  • Those who engaged with a top of funnel ad
  • Those who engaged with videos
    • Those who have watched a percentage of the video
    • Those who watched 100% of a video
  • Those who have messaged your page
  • Those who have saved a post
  • Those who have interacted with an event (interested/going/commented on)
  • Those who have interacted with an ad’s lead form (viewed/filled out)
  • Those who have interacted with a Marketplace listing

Google YouTube Remarketing

Elevated Marketing Solutions YouTubeYouTube remarketing is done through Google Ads. For businesses that don’t yet have Google Ads but use video and want to do YouTube remarketing, it’s suggested to get it. Anyone who has viewed a video can be remarketed to but there are several options beyond that.

  • Those who viewed certain videos
  • Those who viewed one specific video
  • Those subscribed to the channel
  • Those who visited the channel
  • Those who liked a video from the channel
  • Those who added any video from your channel to a playlist
  • Those who shared a video

Google Display Ads Remarketing

Google Ads Platform - Elevated Marketing Solutions Tech Stack

This compromises about 90% of the internet on remarketing. It is noticeable when you go to a website, and then start seeing ads for that business. Most of the time, this is done through the Google Display Network. There are limitations here because with Google you need about 1,000 people for the search network and about 100 for the display network. While it’s a little more limited in audience size requirements than Facebook, you can really drill down to details on your website.

There are two different ways to do Google Display Ads remarketing. The first way is through a piece of code from Google Ads that are put on the website. Or, the preferred way, is to connect Google Analytics to Google Ads. This offers more ways to connect remarketing audiences. You can start building audiences of people who came through social media or email. You can segment by new visitors vs. existing. There are options to remarket to those who have been to 3 pages vs. 1 page of the website. These website options can be broken down even more so that the different channels can be segmented differently for remarketing.

Google RLSA Remarketing

This is a pretty unique type of remarketing done when someone has been to your website before AND they search again for something else, you want to ensure you show different ads to those people. In this situation, someone is already familiar with your brand, and perhaps they are searching for another service you offer. Because they are familiar with your brand, these searches are that more valuable to you and you want to adjust bids and messaging for just these visitors. All of this is set up with remarketing audiences set up in Google Analytics and carried over to Google ads.

LinkedIn Remarketing

Elevated Marketing Solutions LinkedInLinkedIn ads have the ability to do the basics for those who have visited your website. Or an existing list can be uploaded—This could be an email list or a list of people you’re prospecting.  While a prospect list may not be considered remarketing because they may not necessarily know who you are yet, it does allow for ad targeting. You can also upload an account that allows for targeting particular companies to be sure they see your ad. Similar to the Facebook forms that pop up on ads, you can remarket to those who have interacted with a LinkedIn lead gen form. Lastly, a newer option on LinkedIn is the ability to remarket according to video interactions.

Bing Ads Remarketing

Microsoft Ads Platform - Elevated Marketing Solutions Tech Stack

Yep, they can do everything Google does.

Twitter Ads Remarketing

Elevated Marketing Solutions TwitterTwitter ads do not offer as many capabilities for remarketing. Again, it has the basics of those who have visited a website before. You can also upload lists or remarket to those who have interacted with ads. Other than that, Twitter has no other remarketing capabilities.

Pinterest Remarketing

Pinterest Ads Platform- Elevated Marketing Solutions Tech Stack

Pinterest is also a more limited network for remarketing capabilities. It allows remarketing to those who have been to a website, a customer list, or those who have engaged with your pins or interacted with you on Pinterest.

Audio Ads Remarketing

With streaming radio and podcast ads, it’s fairly simple in if someone has heard an ad on these channels they can be followed around with companion pandorabanner on other places online.  These types are typically displayed ads but can come in a variety of formats.

Connected TV ads Remarketing

Connected TV Ads

Just like with Streaming ads, remarketing can also come in with connected TV ads. These types of ads are shown on smart TVs that have device IDs that are cross marketed to when you are online. Again similar to most remarketing you can show display ads.  There is also remarketing of sequential video ads shown on connected TV ads you have seen your first connected TV ads.  After the first, they are shown a series of ads to lead someone down a funnel.

Email Remarketing

subscribe to the Elevated Marketing SolutionsnewsletterLet’s not forget Email marketing, the old but trusted form of marketing that is not dead. With email marketing, you might have collected both new and cold audience emails. The new audiences will need a series of emails to move them down the path of purchase and get to know who you are. With this form, you have typically obtained the email prior to them signing up for your services with a PDF, webinar, or any other services. The second type of email remarketing is really just the regular email marketing that you are doing. You are always introducing new content to your audience, and they become more aware of what you do and how you can help them.

Important Tips of Remarketing to Website Users

Be Aware of Your Audience Size

Being realistic here will be helpful because you need to know whether you have the right tools in order to go after a certain audience size. Many platforms now have limitations as to how many people need to be in your remarketing audience before you can even implement it. For example, for Google Display remarketing your audience size has to be at least 1,000. Also, with most of these platforms, you need to add the tracking or the pixel in order to even create remarketing audiences. There is a lot of setups when it comes to remarketing in platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and that is where we see many mistakes happen as the setup can be a tedious task in itself.

With smaller audiences, for example on Facebook, you need at least 100 people in your remarketing audience in order to get it going. If you are wanting to remarket to a smaller crowd, there is going to be a lot of effort towards consistently creating new ads. You do not want those audience members do not get ad-blindness. Ad-blindness is when someone has seen a particular ad multiple times that the ad does not have the same emotional impact as it did when it was first seen.

Be Aware of the Budget Split

Remarketing Resources SplitWe have been given a lot of strategies above, but you have to have the budget and resources to be able to try all these different ways. This is mostly in relation to ad spending. When dividing up the budget and allocating funds, you should have a 70/30 split. 70% of your adjustment should be allocated towards driving at the top of the funnel and have never heard of you. The other 30% should be allocated towards the bottom of the funnel or your warm audience. This might be different though if you have large drives of traffic from other sources such as organic traffic. If you have a lot of traffic already, then you need to either work on conversion optimization or move towards money towards remarketing.


If you are not participating in remarketing strategies, you should be as they will increase the success of your online marketing. Remember, no matter the size of the audience, your budget plays an immense role in how you want to implement your remarketing and what you are able to focus on. Also, you do not want your strategy to be so stretched out that there is not enough data collected to make better decisions. There needs to be enough data gathered because that data will show what is working and what is not. There are many different strategies and tips to keep our remarketing tactics fresh, so select ones that are appropriate for your business.

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