How to Target Based on Life Events

Video marketing just got even cooler! We are very excited about a new way to target an audience when placing a YouTube ad. You can now target the viewer’s specific life events!

However, before we talk about that, if you’re not familiar with YouTube ads, they can be made with a YouTube video then placed on your choice of numerous websites via the Display Network;  reaching ninety percent of your chosen website’s viewers. How numerous, you might ask? Too many to count.

Anytime you see a website with an ad playing, there are a couple of different ways it gets there. It could be through Google Ads; it could be through programmatic buying or by buying indirectly through the website vendor.

If you’re not running video ads then it’s time to get in the game. This is amazing stuff! In another post, we talked about remarketing to people who have seen certain videos, but with some new categories in life events, we can now target to people who:

  • Recently started a business or starting a business soon
  • Are Graduating soon or recently graduated
  • Recently renovated or renovating a home soon
  • Recently started a new job, starting a new job soon.
  • Getting married soon or recently married
  • Moving or recently moved.
  • Getting a new pet or recently got a new pet
  • Recently purchased a home or getting ready to purchase one
  • Recently retired or retiring soon.

There are many new ways to target based on life events. Currently, you can only do this with YouTube ads or Gmail ads, but we are very excited about this and had to share!

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