We’ve Got Your Back!

Our team understands business concerns and we want you to know that we are all working hard to continue providing the best marketing services available. All of our accounts are being closely monitored and reported.

***We believe that over-communication is key, so there are some things we want you to keep in mind in regards to your marketing.

We Are Knowledgeable & Experienced

The Elevated Marketing Solutions team has solid experience that supports and benefits clients during uncertainty. Our leader, Jennifer Denney guided thousands of small businesses throughout the country with her team in 2008 during the recession. She and her team are prepared to continue offering the best marketing services (and results!) through any obstacle.

We Are Skilled & Versatile

We are prepared and will help you through any decisions or changes necessary.  Our team has many skill sets and can help your business adapt its marketing efforts. We are able to assist in many ways such as paid ads, email marketing, blogging/content planning, SEO, organic social media posting on all networks, web development, graphics, video and many other services that could benefit your business now.

Here’s Some Insight & Advice

It is important that businesses continue marketing in a down economy for several reasons:

  1. There’s less competition because others will reduce marketing. In a recent article in Forbes, it was pointed out that those who maintained their marketing or increased their spending saw an increase in business and market share.  Jennifer saw this herself in the market of 2008.
  2. The cost per click, impression, and cost per conversion will be decreasing.
  3. In almost all paid marketing, you only pay if an interested customer clicks through.
  4. Brands who market during downtimes, project stability in their company and consumers feel more comfortable with them.
  5. If you are able to offer promotions, now is a good time to do so to gain more market share.
  6. More time will be spent online with consumers so you will have more eyeballs.

Every business is unique. People need the products and services you offer and they will still be searching for your business online.  We are and have always been a “results” agency.  

We will always treat your business like it’s our own. Our team is here to guide you and answer questions. We can address any concerns or help you understand how to get the most valuable results from your marketing dollars.  If you need anything or have any additional concerns please feel free to reach out to Jennifer at Jennifer@elevatedmarketing.solutions.

Be smart.  Be confident.  Be positive.  Be well.

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