Why Remarketing Makes Any Online Marketing Successful

If you’re not already doing remarketing, you should be. Not remarketing to those who have already interacted with your brand, product, or service is a miss. It could mean customers are lost to the competition. Very rarely do sales, offline or online, after only one interaction with a customer. To close the sale, marketers must make sure to constantly be following up with several touchpoints and creative ways to explain products and services.

Continuous reminders and prompts to your returning audience are where remarketing comes in. No doubt, remarketing will increase the success of any marketing plan.

What is Remarketing?

Once a person visits your website, however, they get there (email, ad, organic search, etc.) there’s an opportunity to gain a customer. Remarketing is when a targeted plan is implemented that continues to attract return website visitors and guides them towards becoming customers. When they return, it’s an opportunity for remarketing.

Since that user has been to your site before or interacted with your brand before in some way, marketers can influence what message is displayed. Remarketing gives businesses more control over the sales process. It allows for interacting with people who have shown interest before through targeted ads.

Why Does Remarketing Work?

Keep in mind that 95% of people do not make a buying decision the first time they are introduced to a product or service. So, most people won’t buy the first time they go to a website. If you don’t have some form of remarketing in your plan, you’re giving up on those first-time visitors. Remarketing to your returning audience keeps their eyes on your products and services. It helps you remain at the forefront of a buyer’s mind.

Also, keep in mind how many times someone will have to visit your website or have your brand in front of them before buying. On average, a buyer requires 7 touchpoints before making a buying decision. You could be wasting marketing dollars if part of your marketing plan doesn’t include remarketing. Remarketing will also keep ads and messaging in front of customers so that when they’re ready to buy, you’re the obvious choice.


Remarketing Drive Sales

Always remember that your customers fall somewhere in your marketing funnel. Cater your remarketing plan to how consumers interact with your business at different stages. Customers have to be aware of your business, be interested, consider the products or services, have the intent to buy, evaluate other options, and finally make that purchase. Staying engaged with your target audience means you will have a bigger impact when people see your ad.

You always want to be driving sales, so it’s very important to also consider timing. Because people don’t necessarily need your product or service at the exact time when your ads are in front of them, you should always be remarketing. Having a strong remarketing plan gets you in front of them again at the right times.

Consider services like plumbing or when there’s an emergency situation. They’ll be more likely to look for and hire a service they’re familiar with, so it’s suggested to have a constant flow of remarketing ads. There are several factors that drive someone to make a buying decision. Remarketing ensures you’re there when people need you.

Who Can You Remarket to?

The various platforms offer different options and capabilities for remarketing. We go into some pretty depth in this blog on how to remarket to your website visitors and more. You can always market to people who have been to your website. Beyond this, the platforms all have variations for remarketing options. All the platforms have the ability to remarket regardless of how a user got to the website.

Always consider your audience size when remarketing. When doing online marketing, know that there is a difference between small and large audiences. When there’s a small audience, you have to implement a reduced strategy, so you’re not annoying people. Avoid sending the same message over and over so that ad fatigue doesn’t set in.

What Kind of Content Should You Send to Your Remarketing Audience?

The content you are creating should be based on what your sales cycle is and how your audience responds to taking the next desired steps. Once again, this would be another opportunity for ad testing. While in the process of ad creation though, you must think to yourself what your audience will respond to. You are wanting to create ads based on the product or service you are trying to offer in a convincing way to make someone a consumer. With remarketing, we are trying to overcome the objections that one has. Below are five helpful content ideas:

  1.  One of those objections could be price and that consumers are price-sensitive. If you are in a price-conscious kind of industry, you would want to showcase ads that include special offers. For example, a special offer could be a discShowcase ads that include special offers ideaount on a specific product or signing up for a free trial. Whatever you are trying to accomplish here, it is just important that you include the components that aware your audience know that this is a time-limited special deal. That way, they will be more decisive in responding. Being consistent with these types of ads will be key as it takes time and creativity to keep producing new special deals. However, if your audience is accustomed to getting new offers all the time, then this strategy may not be right for you since your audience has been trained to wait until the next special deal.
  2. If you do have a longer sales cycle, then consistently creating blog posts to keep buyers informed regarding information about your business be beneficial. This will be very helpful if there is any confusion or misunderstanding from customers on any of your products or services, this is a great way to educate the consumer. There are different types of blog posts that you can test as well to see what suits your business best. These types are written, video, and even audio. With these different mediums, you are making your information more accessible to those that you are trying to remarket to.
  3. The third idea is testimonials. Sometimes people do not want to be the first ones to try out a particular product or service. Consumers more than often tend to formulate their opinion based on others’ experiences and responses. Here as well is another chance to utilize different types of mediums like audio, video, or written graphics. The context of the ads needs to tell the story of your business helped someone and helped overcome their objection. Having more testimonials the better, this provides more credibility to your business and will make consumers at the bottom of the funnel feel safer about trying out your product or service.
  4. With remarketing, you are wanting to gain the trust of this audience. If you have won any rewards or anything of that nature, this would be a viable time to gloat about your business. Showcasing these honors will provide more credibility to your business. This will also make consumers at the bottom of the funnel feel safer about trying out your product or service.
  5.  Detailing the features and benefits of your products and services. Breaking these two components down and explaining why something is a feature and why something is a benefit will be useful. It is all about educating those that are not aware of your business and highlighting your strengths will help you as you remarket to this audience.
  6. Live videos and or demonstrations. You might have a treasure trove of YouTube videos or past webinars that you have down before of your product or service. This allows people to watch and learn about your product and service at their convenience. Everyone buys from a person, so a video can really humanize the entire experience. If video is not your marketing material it’s time to get started!
  7. Case studies on how others have gotten results. What better way than showcase how “company x” had “this problem” and we were able to solve it in “this way”. Everyone likes a story of success and a case study tells that story.
  8. Company details on who you are and why you’re better than the competition. Everyone has competitors, how are you different, what makes you stand out. This should be a common item on your website, but perhaps you have a graph chart laying out specific companies. We see this a lot with software companies.

Remarketing is Essential to Your Success

As you can see there are several reasons why keeping someone in your funnel with remarketing is a good idea. The expectation that someone will be is instantly ready on the first website visit is pretty low. There are a lot of content ideas that need to be built to ensure you always have something to say when trying to bring someone back to your website. The most important thing is to get started!

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