Ep #73 – Writing Headlines in Your Marketing that Works

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This week the digital marketing team talks about writing headlines in marketing that work. There are different strategies to try with headlines, the team talks about those different strategies. Follow along to learn more!

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Crafting Captivating Headlines

The power of a well-crafted headline cannot be overstated as it is the first thing that grabs your attention. Today, we’re delving deep into the art of headline writing, an aspect of copywriting that often determines the success or failure of your content in capturing attention in the digital arena.

The Vital Statistics of Headline Engagement

A startling statistic sets the stage for our discussion: eight out of ten people read the headline, but only two proceed to read the rest. This highlights the immense responsibility resting on those few words at the top of your page. Your headline isn’t just an introduction; it’s a critical hook. Whether it’s for an email, social media post, paid ad, or a search engine result, the headline is your first and sometimes only chance to grab your audience’s attention.

The Art of Crafting Headlines

Creating an effective headline is a balancing act. It requires a blend of creativity, an understanding of your audience, and a keen sense of your product or service’s nature. The goal is to strike a chord with your reader immediately. This might mean being sassy, disruptive, or even provocative. Normal just doesn’t cut it anymore. People scroll past normal; they engage with what stands out.

Simplicity and Clarity

Interestingly, the readability of your headline is crucial. The Flesh-Kincaid reading score suggests aiming for the comprehension level of a 13 to 15-year-old. This approach ensures that your message is clear and accessible, not lost in complex language or highbrow expressions. Even luxury brands, which might grapple with simplifying their language while maintaining their posh image, need to heed this advice.

Utilizing Tools and Technology

In the digital age, tools like ChatGPT can provide a starting point for headline creation, offering suggestions and ideas to spark creativity. The plethora of digital tools available can be overwhelming, but when used wisely and in moderation, they can significantly enhance your headline-crafting process.

The Importance of Testing and Originality

Testing different headlines is crucial. What works for one audience might not resonate with another. Continuously challenging your best-performing headlines ensures that you don’t fall into the trap of ad fatigue, where overused phrases lose their impact.

SEO and Branding

SEO plays a critical role in headline creation for search engines. Your headline should include relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility while still being emotionally engaging. Balancing brand representation with SEO requirements can be challenging, especially when crafting a headline that differs from the page title but remains contextually relevant.

Final Thoughts on Headline Crafting

In conclusion, the art of headline writing in digital marketing is a blend of creativity, simplicity, and testing. It’s about understanding your audience and speaking their language, being disruptive yet clear, and using the right tools without losing originality. Remember, the headline is your first impression in the digital world, make it count.

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Jennifer Denney

Jennifer Denney has been in digital marketing since 2006 and has seen a wealth of changing landscape in digital marketing. She has seen the rise and fall of many marketing tactics.  She is deeply rooted in understanding the metrics that showcase the value of certain types of digital marketing. She produces weekly live shows with Lorraine Ball, solocast with Elevated Marketing Chats, and conducts a weekly podcast called Elevated Marketing Dot Podcast.