Meet Craig Your New Digital Marketing Specialist

In a business world filled with competition and complexities, I’ve managed to carve out a unique space, and I’m excited to share my journey with you! Digital marketing is my turf, and I thrive on the challenges it brings.

Some of the people closest to me, when asked to describe me, will tell you I am: efficient, funny, kind, insightful, and driven

Small Town Beginnings, Big Business Dreams

Dekalb, IL, my childhood home, is a quaint town with the charm of family values and simplicity. It’s where I learned to create opportunities and push boundaries. I dived into entrepreneurial ventures, starting with a lemonade stand, progressing to an ice cream stand when I was young, and culminating in launching my own business ventures when I was older. A passion for business was ignited in me and has been shaping my path ahead.

Beyond Business: My Personal Interests

When the day’s work is done, I love to switch gears and immerse myself in the great outdoors, DIY projects, and precious moments with my girlfriend. I enjoy activities like kayaking, muaythai, and photography. It’s fair to say I just like to keep busy.

My Philosophy for Life and Business

As Bruce Lee famously advised, “Be water, my friend” I strive to be like water – adaptable and resilient. I like to embrace every situation and learn from it. This philosophy extends to my approach to digital marketing, especially my favored SEO marketing, which I believe isn’t enough of a priority for the majority of businesses.

Putting the Customer First

Years of customer-based business experience has underscored one truth: prioritizing the customer is non-negotiable. Staying true to moral and ethical obligations while serving clients, ensuring clear communication, and fostering trust are at the heart of my business ethics.

Digital Marketing In Today’s World

From my “Anywhere and Everywhere” marketing strategy that helps businesses grow with an omnipresence approach, to encouraging the utilization of AI, my journey in digital marketing has been a constant learning curve. I cherish every opportunity to expand my skill set and provide the best results for every business I work with.

Like the joy of working with my fantastic team, I also value the connections I make with clients and fellow business enthusiasts.

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