Stop Putting Content Out

If You Are Not Going to Promote It

There are many steps to content marketing, making it a long process.   If you are not producing content consistently for your business, then are you really marketing?  Once you understand the value of content marketing the strategy of selecting the subject of your content marketing begins. This process involves thinking through and creating content for all parts of the marketing funnel. 

While thinking through the subjects of your content marketing funnel you are also considering all the many types of content marketing. It can be overwhelming thinking of all of the different ways you can use content marketing.  There are many steps that are repeated over and over in content marketing but the promotion of content marketing is arguably one of the most important steps. 

There is so much work prior to the promotion of a piece of content that sometimes the promotion is an afterthought.  If you are not going to promote a piece of content then you are really doing that piece of content no justice.  In this blog, we want to discuss the many ways to use a piece of content in other marketing and promote it.

Email Marketing

A lot of content that is being consistently made is blog content, if it’s not then it needs to be! Your blog content will likely consist of questions that potential clientsPromote your content with email marketing and/or your existing clients have about your products.  This makes ensuring that your written blog content makes your email marketing an important part of promoting it. 

One way you can promote your content is through a monthly email newsletter with blog posts sprinkled in.  We believe that most businesses should have some form of a monthly newsletter and this content is a natural fit for this.  Consistently sending out a newsletter with your most recent content keeps your current and potential clients knowledgeable about your product or services.  It also gives them another reason to visit your website since you are just teasing the blog in the newsletter. 

The content might also be a natural fit for those who you are trying to move in the funnel to an actual client. In this scenario, the content is going to be content written about why your product or service can help someone. You can create an automation series of emails introducing your potential client to your product or service.  

Organic Social Media Post

Organic social media should be a natural process of promoting content.  As we have discussed before new content is actually in every single organic post you make.  There are many different types of content marketing and posting them organically to your social media channel covers them all;

  • Videos from going live
  • Uploading other videos
  • Reels/Tiktoks
  • Images/Graphics created

A fully built-out organic social media plan involves strategizing, planning, and placing content for your organic social media.  Some of these pieces of content need to also be promoted in different ways than just organic social media.  For instance, if you take the time to create a reel, go ahead and post it on TikTok but also add it to YouTube Shorts.  YouTube shorts then allows you to take that video and embed it in your written blog post on the subject.  If you don’t have a written piece it’s time to add that to the schedule to create! 

Promote your content with organic social mediaThe same thing can be said about live videos, regular videos, and images.  You want to be efficient.  If you create them for organic social media, then it needs to make your website as well to promote it there as well.  If you are uploading any videos be sure those also make it over to YouTube as it has its own ways of promoting your content through its channel and organic SEO. 

When it comes to blogs on your website and posting organically on social media channels you are working against social media platforms.  Their goal is to keep you on the platforms and scrolling, your goal is to drive website traffic.  So posting blog posts just as links can be limited in reach. 

We have a strategy for getting more reach with blog post links below with paid media but we are not there yet! You should limit blog posts to 1-2 times a week and you can be creative in doing so. You can post the actual link in the comments or even create reels or videos to accompany the blog post to get more reach. 

While above we have mentioned posting pieces of content to your organic social media don’t forget about groups as well.  There is usually a plethora of other groups where your content can also be posted to increase your reach.

Social Media Ads

No matter how you slice or dice social media needs to have a budget to promote content that needs to be part of the plan.  This can help you in several ways.  First, when you post organically you are at the mercy of the algorithms to ensure your content gets in front of the right targeted audience.  Theoretically, those who interact with similar content will also see your content but you just don’t know.  With targeted ads, you can ensure that your target audience sees your content.  

This is not a strategy that most think of with taking part of your social media ads budget and ensuring new content such as blogs gets a little budget put behind it. But a strong middle-of-the-funnel campaign on social ads should include the content that you have written to move someone down the funnel.  The promotion of your content doesn’t have to be limited to blog posts either.  If you have a piece of content such as a reel that does well organically, putting an ad budget behind it will only intensify the effects of that piece of content. 

This really plays into everyone who wants to buy but just not be sold.  The content becomes educational in showing how you can be of service. You are now not just promoting content at the end of the funnel of closing the sale but upstream as well.  You are now doing organic social media correctly by building a funnel. 

This same tactic can be taken with Display ads in promoting your content. 

Display and Native Ads

With Display and Native ads, there is both top-of-funnel targeting and bottom-of-the-funnel targeting.  This gives you the advantage of getting your content out to new potential audiences and moving someone down the funnel.  the same strategies mentioned above can also be done with this type of ads as well.  Using blogs as part of your strategy is especially useful with native ads as they are designed to not look like ads.  Using educational blog posts is a great way to gain traction on a piece of content.

Social, Display, and Native ads can also indirectly affect SEO.


SEO is also another way to naturally promote a piece of content but you are at the mercy of search engines and whether they feel your piece of content deserves to show higher in the search results. 

As mentioned above putting a little ad budget behind a piece of content can indirectly affect SEO.  This is because you are giving your content a little boost and if your readers spend a lot of time on the content it shows to search engines that your content is enjoyable and could indirectly affect your chances in search results. 

Building a piece of content the right way in the first place will ensure the promotion of your piece of content in search engines.  This starts with picking the right piece of content subject to ensuring it has all the elements to be picked up by search engines.


You might have organically created a piece of content in a written or video format but converting it to audio for podcast or audio rooms yet once again gives you another way to promote your content.  Podcasting is a simple format and yet another way that consumers engage with content. 


As you can see creating a piece of content is just step one of many to ensure that your piece of content is get the full value it needs.  There are many intertwined steps that need to be taken to get the most out of your piece of content and promote it.  We also feel almost every piece of content needs to be done in all types of content marketing (video, audio, written, and Images) to get the most promotion. If you need help wth content marketing we’d love to help you with the process! 

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