Remarketing to Your Website Traffic using Google Analytics

Google Analytics presents unique ways to remarket to your audience. You can learn more about why you should be remarketing in this blog post.   Google Analytics allows you to remarket with all traffic to your website regardless of how they got there.  Because Google Analytics connects with Google ads, the Google display network is where your ads will appear.

Let’s talk about how using Google Analytics to create your remarketing audience is a great way to reach audiences.  First, Google Analytics is tracking all of your website visitors and what they are doing on your website.  So it’s your wildest imagination on what you can remarket too.  You just have to be able to create an audience for it in Google analytics and then you can create an audience.  In all of these suggestions, you might want to send different messages to different audiences based on how they got to your website.

Here are some suggestions:

Remarketing Audience segmentation: By channel-organic, social paid, social organic, email, etc

In this example, the traffic coming from social paid might be different than traffic that you have coming in from email.

Remarketing Audience segmentation: Watched my videos

You have videos likely on your website and you can remarket to people who have watched these videos.  They are more engaged than just your regular traffic.

Remarketing Audience segmentation: Multi-session non-converters

Remarketing Google Analytics

These are people who have been back to your website multiple items.  You can even exclude people who have alerted converted.  This is creating an audience of people who are highly engaged and ready to covert!

Remarketing Audience segmentation: Mobile traffic vs Desktop 

In this audience, you are just separating how someone got your website via a mobile or desktop version.

Remarketing Audience segmentation: People who bounced

A bounced audience are people who came into your website and did nothing.  They did not click on anything and did not look at more than one page.  Be careful with this audience as this audience is not engaged at all.  The traffic driven to the website could be a bad audience.

Remarketing Audience segmentation: Geography

This is where you segment by where someone was when they got to your website.  This is different where on the Google display network you only show your ads to people in a certain geographic audience. In either example, you can achieve the same objective of targeting your remarketing audience of people in a certain area.

Remarketing Audience segmentation: By service line

In this example, your could delineate pages on your website that have to do with certain service lines.  When you group these together you will be able to remarket to people only interested in certain service lines.  This could help you help further someone along in making a purchase for that service line or it can open up opportunities to cross-sell your other services.

Remarketing Audience segmentation: Converters

These are people who have already converted to your website.  A conversion is someone who has completed the desired action of the website such as a phone call, form fill or maybe even downloading a PDF. Since this audience has already completed the initial conversion perhaps with this audience you want to ensure they see a new product line that you have launched.

Remarketing Audience segmentation: Who bought one service but not anotherRemarketing

This audience is really just a segmentation of the above audience down to the specific conversion that they did complete.

Remarketing Audience segmentation: By page views/time on site

This is segmenting your audience by how many pages these have viewed on the website and or time they have spent on the website.  The more time and pages they have looked at the more engaged they are!

Remarketing Audience segmentation: By logging in

In this audience segmentation, you have a website where someone needs to login into the website.  This is giving you an audience of people who already use your product or service.

There are lots of ways to use Google Analytics to remarket your audience with that we are sure we missed some! Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on ways to get creative with Google analytics audiences.  With all of this audience segmentation, you need to keep a couple of things in mind.

Remarketing Tips Google Analytics

First, you need to make sure you have enough people doing the above items to be able to remarket too.  Google Display ads have a limitation of needing at least 1,000 people inside of these audiences for you to be able to remarket to them.

Second, you need to have enough budget.  All this remarketing is done with Google display ads so a budget is needed.  You need enough budget to be able to segment across several audiences and enough budget to get statistical significance.  Launching another campaign that won’t have enough traffic to it will not allow you enough data to make smart data-driven decisions with your campaigns.

Third, you need to make sure you have enough creatives.  If you are creating campaigns for different types of audiences you are going to need creative for each one of these and you want to be sure you are able to speak to that audience.

Fourth, you need to make sure you have enough resources to watch and optimize these additional sources. All these campaigns requireRemarketing Tips Google Analytics (4) optimizations within each campaign so with each campaign added you need resources (people) to watch and optimize the campaign with all the things that go with them.

Remarketing Tips Google Analytics (5)Fifth, you need to give it enough time to work.  If you have a longer sales cycle consider how long and how much someone needs to see you are remarketing to make a difference.  Yes, it’s the internet but nothing happens overnight!

Sixth, All of the creations of these audiences are time-sensitive.  They don’t start to build until you create them. This means that later you can’t decide you want to remarket to a certain audience if you haven’t already created this audience and they have at least 1,000 people in the audience.  This is why we always start with creating some basic audiences to remarket to later!Remarketing Tips Google Analytics (6)

As you can see there is a lot to consider with Google Analytics and remarketing.  we are here to help you decide what is best with what you have to remarked to your audience with smart audiences!

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